ERE-383 LT1 Short Blocks
with Mahle pistons and
1.0/1.0/2.0mm ring pack
Flat top   $5550

D-dish    $5600

ERE-395 LT1 Short Blocks
with Mahle pistons and
1.0/1.0/2.0mm ring pack

Flat top   $5650

D-dish    $5700

Forced Induction
LT1 383/395ci Short Blocks with top ring .300" down

Wiseco pistons and Total Seal Chrome Nitride AP rings

383ci    $5700

395ci    $5700

ERE standard components:
Pistons: Premium Mahle/Wiseco
Crankshaft: SCAT 4340 forged
Rods: Compstar 6" H-beam
Bearings: King HP series
Block: Milodon splayed center mains

Budget LT1 Short Blocks
with Mahle pistons and
1.0/1.0/2.0mm ring pack

355 Flat top   $3500

383 D-dish   $3600

Budget LT1 components:
Pistons: Premium Mahle
Crankshaft: SCAT Cast
Rods: SCAT I-beam
Bearings: King stock series
Block: Your core with stock mains

Have ERE rebuild your LT1
plus parts and machine work

ERE-395#62 646hp/578tq
LINK ESE-383#61
ERE-383#59 490hp/490tq
LINK ERE-383#58
LINK ERE-383#57 530hp/511tq
LINK ESE-383#56
LINK ESE-383#55 short block
ERE-397 580hp/502tq
LINK ERE-385#53
LINK ERE-383#52 Rebuild
LINK ERE-396#51 Rebuild
LINK ERE-383#50
LINK ERE-383#49
LINK ERE-383#48A 514hp/506tq
ERE-383#48 Rebuild
LINK ESE-383#47
LINK ERE-396#46
LINK ERE-383#45 500hp/527tq
LINK ESE-357#44
LINK ERE-396#43
LINK Donovan 436
LINK ESE-383#42 short block
LINK ERE-396#41 rebuild
LINK ESE-357#40 short block
LINK ERE-383#39 short block
LINK Ai/ERE-383#38
LINK Golen/ERE-385#37
LINK Ai/ERE-383#36
LINK ERE-383#35
LINK ESE-396#34
LINK ESE-383#33
LINK Ai/ERE-383#32
LINK ERE-383#31[dyno]
LINK Golen/ERE-396#30
LINK ERE-396#29
LINK ERE-383#3 Sale
LINK Ai/ERE-383#28
LINK Ai/ERE-383#27
LINK GES/ERE-383#26 The BTO special
LINK ERE-383#25 Short Block
LINK ERE-399 Signature Short Block
LINK Ai/ERE-383#23
LINK King ERE-383#22 Short Block
LINK SK-396 Long Block inspection
LINK Ai/KingERE-370#21
LINK to Dart/ERE-383#20
LINK to ERE-355#19 budget build
LINK to ERE-383#18 Short Block
LINK to Ai/ERE-383#17
LINK to Ai/ERE-396#16
LINK to Ai/ERE-383#15
LINK to Ai/ERE-408#14
LINK to Ai/KingERE-383#13 520hp/460tq
LINK to Ai/ERE-383#12
LINK to King ERE-383#11 Short Block
LINK to David Ralph's rebuild
LINK to ERE-383#10 Short Block
LINK to ERE-383#9 9.74@141 blower
LINK to ERE-383#8 CA emissions LT1
LINK to ERE-383#7 12.70@108motor
LINK to Dart/ERE-383#6 440hp/454tq
LINK to ERE-383#5
LINK to ERE-385#4 12.38@109motor
ERE-383#3 10.13@134 nitrous
 ERE-383#2 10.67@126 nitrous
ESE-350#1 11.67@119 motor

Ellwein Engines was founded in 2006 and is an officially registered company in the state of Maryland.  The company is one person, Karl Ellwein. Karl started building engines in 1998 as a hobby and finally became convinced to make a business out of it due to the encouragement of the late Lennart Bergqvist of AUTOSHOP Racing Engines.  Many of the short block engine combos have been tested in Karl's personal street/strip Impala SS and strip only Impala SS Clone.  Ellwein Engines is located in southern Maryland.
Contact Karl at 410-474-5579.

Ellwein Engines
21273 Indian Bridge Road
California, MD  20619

World wide shipping

December 2015:
ERE370 #21 pulls to 7000rpm

November 2015:
ERE395 #62 hits an all time dyno high

December 2014:
Video of ERE383 #48 on the engine dyno

June 2014:
Budget ESE383 #31 rolls

July 2014:
Svend's ERE 396 #43 rolls
1008 rwhp @ 5750 rpm and
919 rwtq from 4300 to 5800 rpm

June 2014:
Kent Eden ERE383 #9 engine dyno
1125 chp @ 7200 & 34 psi boost.
885 ft-lb @ 6500 rpm
898 hp / 812 ft-lb / 22 psi average 

More News:
The NEW Ellwein Engines logo plate from EFI Connection.

Aug. 2010: Ellwein Engines is now the proud sponsor of the 2010 USA tour of recording and performing artist Kania Tieffer (against the machine).  See her New York City debut live performance Oct. 6th at
The Silent Barn

Kent Eden runs 9.74 @ 141mph with ERE-383 #9

See the Ellwein Engines 2008 Drag Racing tour of Sweden.
Ellwein Engines shipped a 95 Impala SS to Sweden for a drag racing "adventure" with [BOSTIC].  The car was de-tuned a bit in order to be reliable for long drives in the northern land of Sweden.  Thank you goes out to my main sponsors AUTOSHOP, CPT, Ai, MME, Vindouro, FixSoren, Agneta, BOSTIC, Nordtrafik, BILSPORT, Stumpy, Nick, Lance and Car Craft

 The 2008 Sweden trip is in the history books.  

July 2nd 2008 Gothenburg Sweden! (thanks Sören "Fixarn" and Bostic)

July 11th at Pite Dragway Sweden.  Kent checking sparkplugs on his Black Impala SS with ERE-383 and F2 Blower.

Ai/ERE-383 Long Block testing on the engine dyno:
Right-click-save-target for video


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