ERE-385 with AFR heads

ERE-385 #105
4-Bolt Splayed cap 385 Fbody street car. 
AFR CNC ported Heads, Callies crankshaft, Compstar rods, .040" over Mahle pistons
Rebuild of ERE-383 #85 with new pistons, new heads, new cam, MORE POWER!
630 hp 551 torque!

Installed rear main cap oil galley ball and photo to verify.

New cam bearings after cleaning block.

I also threaded the lifter galleys for screw-in plugs with oil weep holes.

New main caps at #1 and #5 (from Billet Speed Works)

Mains are at .0024 to .0033" with standard size King MB557HP

Thrust is .007 with the main cap torqed to 80ft-lb
Comp Cams from LE:
242/250 duration at .050"
.636"/.636" lift with 1.6 rockers
110* LSA with Intake Centerline at 107* (+3*)

Cam installed prior to rods/pistons just in case one of the rods bump into the cam.  You'll never know until it's too late if you install the cam last.

Tried these standard size and got .003" rod bearing clearance...just a bit too much.

CB663HN split set of standard and .001 gives .0022"

1mm rings were filed for hot street, (no nitrous). .020" 1st ring and .018" 2nd ring.

All pistons/rods installed and rods torqed to 75ft-lb

Degree check right on 107 intake centerline

I really do appreciate the jumbo diameter degree wheel

55 cc combustion chamber (12.5:1 compression ratio yikes)

AFR 227LT head (60-40 port spread)

Test fit of the Crower shaft rockers.  These are special order to fit the AFR 60/40 port spread.

3/8" diameter pushrods fit without interference

Checking piston to valve clearance.

Testing again tomorrow.  I did not account for  lifter lash during this test. Results to follow (in a few days).  Photo for good measure and to hold you over until tomorrow.

After careful measurement, intake clearance .125", exhaust clearance .125"

 Ellwein Engines 2021