ERE-383 #111

ERE-383 #111
Budget rebuild from LT1-350 into LT1-383
Forged Eagle Crank, Callies Compstar Rods, Mahle Pistons

Fresh off the truck.

I'm taking photos for the future.  This helps me remember where things go.

Unusual head bolt replacement.  No matter...I'll be installing new ARP head bolts.

#1 exhaust pushrod was bent.  All others good.  Engine rotates freely.

Interesting hub sleeve.  This one did not install well.

Iron heads will not be re-used.  There are a nice set of LE2 heads waiting to be installed.

Here is the block all fresh and clean and bored to 4.030"

This was machined by Johnny Heard at Heard Precision Machine Services. LINK

The crankshaft was polished and balanced to 1661g (neutral).  More about that shortly......

Using King XP main bearings, (ultra premium).

Most all the caps needed X oversize bearings to help me get .0020" or more clearance.

Thrust is .004"

Pandora is on the Steve Cropper channel.

Crankshaft is installed so that I can mock up the rotating assembly to mark the block for clearance.

Here is a big oops.  I did not notice that the rods I selected for this project are 2.00" rod journal. This makes my balance a bit off.  Luckily I still had one set of 2.100" rods on the shelf.  I still need to get a new crankshaft balance though.

For now I'll continue to mark the spots that I need to clear with a grinder.
Click on the YouTube video link to the left.

More work on the "budget" 383.  I like to get the rear of the engine buttoned up sooner than later.  The engine stand prevents access to the rear and so I put the engine on a table.

Cam plug, oil galley plugs and rear main seal housing installed.  The rear main seal is also installed but not shown.

Look at these heads!  Excellent work by Lloyd Elliott.  These are LE2 heads.

I get 57cc but I think I dripped 0.5cc so it is 56 to 57cc.  That is what Carlos and I marked down as the expected combustion chamber volume.  That gives us 10.8 to 1 static compression ratio.  56cc head - 5.6cc gasket - 0.013" piston in the hole - (-16ccc piston).

Mr. Gasket #5716G is .026" thick and 5.6cc.  Piston is .013" in the hole and so that gives .039" piston to head clearance.

Premium head bolts.  These are ARP 134-3703.  I put oil under the head of the stainless outer bolts and high pressure grease under the head of the other bolts.

70 ft-lb head bolt torque.

All parts in hand.  The lifters are the BowTie GM #188958689.  The guide plates are what I've found to align the rockers best on the LT1 (Manley 42355-8).

TFS pushrods: 7.250"

Not a perfect alignment but almost perfect.  Trust me this is better than the others.

Dyno Prep.  I use the carburetor intake manifold.  Using a carburetor gives a consistent result.

I took off the TorqHead coils.  These valve covers are gorgeous.  I have to be super careful to not scratch them now and during the dyno and transporting to and from.

Time for a new gear on my distributor.  I think it's at least 10 years old and ready to be retired.  This is the part number of the gear.

Dyno day is Monday January 24th.

I am using NGK TR55 spark plugs for the dyno.

493 HP!!!

Now it is time for finish work after dyno testing.  The oil pump drive gear that was in the core engine is in good shape.  This gear does not need to be replaced.  Save a bit of money.

The RTV from the dyno intake manifold needs to come off (and the dyno gaskets).

TCI flexplate (neutral).

New FelPro gaskets and RTV.

Lloyd Elliott ported intake manifold.  He does a good job cleaning the intake after (or before) porting.  I did not do any extra cleaning here. This is how it looks directly after receiving from Lloyd.
Everything is so clean!

The EGR block off plates look great!

TorqHead plug wires.  I crimp on the coil boots.

This should fit well with any brand header.  Notice the cylinder head temperature sensor.  These are Fbody heads and the Fbody has the temp sender on the driver's head.  The Bbody has it on the passenger head.

I'm not equipped with the tools or know-how to remove these factor plugs on the heads.

Still mocking up pallets for shipping.

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