ERE-396 #51 Rebuild to .040" Over

ERE 396 #101 [Rebuild of ERE#51]
This engine is for a street/strip grudge racer named "Dave"
The intake manifold will be set up by Induction Solutions.
Engine Combo:
Callies Compstar crank, Eagle rods, Mahle .040" over pistons,
Original Golen Block with "rebuilder" 4-bolt main caps,
Ai mechanical roller camshaft, LE-TFS heads,
Rebuild after cam lobe wipe. 24X LS PCM,

Block went to .040" over after the cam lobe/lifter wipe caused cylinder bore scoring.

Back from the machine shop and main bearing clearance checked.  Using Clevite H series main bearings.

Piston rings gapped for nitrous, (.028"/.028")

Rotating assembly installed.

Cam degree check.  It is right at 108 deg intake centerline exactly as the cam card stated.  EFI Connecting timing set at zero.

Ready for cylinder heads.  Pistons are .020" in the hole, (only decked to a minimum).  Will be using a .027" MLS head gasket.

EFI Connection 24x reluctor.

MLS head gaskets, (this is a nitrous engine).

I did not relieve the block for oil drain back so I nipped the head gasket to allow room for oil drain back.

Cleaned up the heads in the parts washer.

And washed the head studs in the parts washer.

Heads on and torqued the studs to 80ft-b

Titan gerotor oil pump.

Close up of the Induction Solutions annular nozzle.

42lb-hr injectors verified clean and flowing in spec.

Wire for Top-Dead-Center pointer.  If it gets bumped I made a ruler mark on the timing cover to try to duplicate the pointer position (give or take a few deg).

In the car and ready for a tune

Had some valvetrain noise.  This is what I found.  Must have come loose and then snapped the shaft.  Jesel sells replacement parts and I have a few spare shafts on order.

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