ERE-104 for 400 small block (407ci)

ERE-407 #104
This is a 400-SBC with 3.75" stroke and .030" over bore (4.155)

The block has been fully machined prior to arrival at my shop.  It has a lot of anti-rust wax on it.

Now just have to give the block a good cleaning.

I started with WD40

Then figured I would take out the cam bearings to get all the nooks and cranies.

Hot pressure wash

Oil soaking with more WD40

I put one piston in to verify that it's the right size and I also measured piston to bore to be .004"

Prior to installing the cam bearings I'm going to mock up the rotating assembly.  The main bearings are installed temporarily so that I can install the crank.  This King bearing will need to have the oil hole widened.

The crankshaft is from Callies.  This is a full Compstar kit.  Mahle pistons, Compstar crank, Compstar H-beam rods, Fully balanced by Callies, King main and rod bearings.

Washing the preservative off of the Callies crank.

One rod/piston combo for mock up.

The rod/piston placed in #1 hole showed good block clearance...the photo did not "take".

Now just a minor delay.  The rear main cap gets bound up a bit by the ARP stud.  This causes the crank thrust to be 0.000"   Without the cap on the thrust is .005"  I'll have Uncle Randy machine the bolt hole a bit wider.
The cap is still prevented from moving into position because of the main stud.  I guess I had Uncle Randy machine the wrong side of the hole.  Well the cap needs to be able to move forward and it cannot. (see to the right)

But with ARP main bolts the cap can move into position and the top and bottom bearing thrust surfaces can align. (see below).

Now the thrust is .006" after all is said and done.

Thrust is .006 with rear main torqued to 77 ft-lb

From memory the mains are 2.6484".  This is obviously the 400 SBC size.  This is larger than the LT1 small block Chevy.

All mains measured .0030" except the rear main is .0040"

Oil galley plug.

Now waiting on a new oil pan.  This one has the dip stick provision on the passenger side.  It needs to be on the driver's side.

Now installing the proper rear main seal #2909.  This one was supplied by the customer and is for the 2.841" seal bore diameter.  I measured 2.836 at the seal bore and that is pretty close.  This feels tighter than the seal I had in there and gives me confidence that it will seal.

Blurry photo:  I followed the directions and used this supplied "shoe-horn" to keep the seal from nicking.

3/8" offset and a dab of RTV just like the directions show.
Then I torqued the main cap and re-checked the crank thrust is still at .005".
Yes I did put the other bearing 1/2 shell in there prior to installing. :)

Here is the 8.25" oil pump pickup I ordered.

Measures 7.75" off the block. The oil pan is 8.25" deep and so factor in the oil pan gasket so that gives between 3/8" and 1/2" pickup clearance.

The oil pump is a Melling shark tooth 10554ST with the 3/4" inlet and the pick up is Melling 24360 for 3/4" oil pump inlet.

Ring gap calculated for performance street. I am shooting for .020" top and .018" 2nd ring.

Over shot just a bit and I'm at .021" top and .018" 2nd ring.

Rod bearing clearance at .0022" using King CR807XPN

Cam design by Dennis Staff.  This is from Erson
230/234/106ICL, .584"/.584" lift with 1.6 rockers.

Block went to Bill Koustenis (Advanced Automotive Machine in Waldorf Maryland).  He cleaned up the deck in order to allow me to install MLS head gaskets.  He also drilled and tapped that hole for a clutch pivot.

Here is a first attempt at getting proper cam end play.  Spec is .001" to .005".

Not shown in the photo but I gave up on the thrust bearing.

This is the part number for the nice 2-piece timing cover.

Instructions for cam end play.
In the end we went with a nylon button.

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