ERE-383 #127 for Cahall Performance Transmissions

ERE-383 #127
One More Time

Rebuild of Frank Cahall's 383 LT1

Old pistons had an old-school ring pack (thick and heavy).  New pistons are thin and lite.  Mahle #930200630, 1.125 CH, 4.030", 1mm/1mm/2mm ring pack.

The block was torque plate honed (still at 4.030") by Johnny Heard of Heard Performance Machine.

Johnny Heard also square decked it and checked the main line bore and main caps.

After I received the block from Johnny I tapped the cam and lifter oil galleys for pipe plugs.

I did a few finishing touches prior to paint and then did a final spray wash.  The main cap oil galley was widened a bit.

The oil galley openings were massaged a bit.

Then I laid on the POR-15 paint real thick.


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