ERE-383 #108

ERE-383 #108
Inspect and Rebuild
Original build at ERE-383 #59

Tear-down and inspection VIDEO

The Cola crankshaft was polished (very nicely I might say).  Also the balance was checked.

I reused every main bearing due to the bearings being in perfect shape.  Saves money.

I've got .0025 to .0030" clearance with the mix of X and standard bearings.

Reusing the old pistons but using new Wiseco piston rings. These are spec'ed for this set of pistons.  1/16" / 1/16" 3/16".

I'm going .026" / .026" on the ring gap.

Installing cam bearings

New cam pin.  Not too long, (not too short).

Oil galley ball verified installed for my records.

Crank thrust at .0035"

Crankshaft in and mains torqued, (studs at 80 ft-lb and bolts at 65 ft-lb).

The oil pump mounting stud I used may have been a tad too long. I noticed it bottomed out on the bearing.  This stud in the package is from ARP.  I'll use the ARP stud.

Rods 1, 3, 5, 7 all exactly 0.0025" clearance and all original bearings reused.

I noticed #6 rod has the bushing smashed.  I could not fix that.  It was sort of fused into the rod metal.

The other 1/2 of the rod has a smashed area to receive the smashed bushing material.

Sine this rod had great bearing wear I will leave it as is.

It seats well even with the bushing problem.

Rotating assembly installed.  Still need to degree check the cam shaft.

While there is access I decided to install the rear main seal housing.  These are .003" feeler gauges acting as shims to align the rear main seal housing.

Then I use the old rear seal as a guide to hammer on the new seal.

Rod bolts torqued to 75 ft-lb.  The rod side clearance is .022". (previously I have written down that it was .020")

 Reusing stock oil pump with Jeg's retainer.

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