ERE-395 Flat Top LT1 Short Block Specifications
[Some parts may be substituted with different brands depending on availability]

Parts detail  
Piston: Mahle Forged flat top -5cc part #930200830, 387g, 1.062" CH

Rings: Mahle steel top ring, 1.0/1.0/2.0mm file fit.

Rods: Eagle 6" 4340 H-beam

Crankshaft: Eagle 4340 Forged 

Bearings: King XPN series

Block: GM core LT1 with Milodon or ProGram splayed center mains and Milodon/ARP main studs.  Block is usually decked to about 9.010", Bored/honed to 4.030", Painted with POR-15 engine paint

$3000 deposit required to start the project, $1000 more required mid-way, remainder due upon delivery

Send me your heads and cam and I'll install them for an additional $500 labor.

Suggested upgrade:

Callies custom Magnum crankshaft: +$1000
Callies Ultra I-beam rods: +1000