ERE-383 LT1 Race Short Block Specifications
$3000 deposit required to start the project, $1000 more required mid-way, remainder due upon delivery

This ERE383 short block is designed for reliable daily street cruising and max effort racing applications. The rotating assembly is all forged using components purchased from Callies USA.  The stock GM block is provided by Golen and is decked to 9.005" and align honed to fit ProGram billet splayed main caps for increased bearing life and stability.  The rotating assembly is neutral balanced.  Note that there is no core charge.  You can set your core aside and save it for another project at a later date.  Also note: This is a shortblock which means it comes with block/crank/rods/piston and nothing else.

Parts detail  
SRP Pro or Mahle Forged flat top Pistons for customers with large chamber heads or high compression race motors.

Mahle -16cc D-dish pistons for customers with small chamber (GM) heads.

JE or Mahle file fit plasma moly rings

Compstar H-beam rods, (by Callies)

Callies Dragonslayer™ USA 4340 Forged Crankshaft 

Clevite Main and Rod bearings

ProGram 4-bolt splayed Main Caps @ 2/3/4

ARP/Milodon combo main studs

Dura-Bond™ Cam Bearings

Machine work:
Machine and fit splayed caps
Clearance block for stroke
Align hone mains
Bore & torque plate hone cylinders
Deck block to 9.005"
Engine paint to your color


ATI SuperDamper - $390

Stef's oil pan - $400

Titan gerotor oil pump - $400 (will not fit stock oil pan)