The ERE-383 #58 short block

ERE 383 #58 Short Block
Ai heads/cam top-end installation
Chassis dyno result: 435hp/425tq

The block is 1/2 way finished.  It is bored and honed and decked and clearanced for rods.  It still needs 4-bolt cap installation.

Here she is posing.  I smooth the rough edges of the block prior to painting.  POR15 Engine black is my paint of choice.

Callies Dragonslayer

The block has returned from the main cap installation shop.

Setting up to measure rod bearing clearance and main bearing clearance.

Coated main bearings.

Oil galley plug.

Mains are from .020" to .030"

Front oil galleys threaded for plugs.

Top ring at .020"

2nd ring at .020"

Clevite CB-663HNK

Rod bearing clearance at .0020"

Crank thrust is .006"

Mahle -16cc D-dish pistons are all in.

Rod bolts at 75ft-lb

Milodon main studs for windage tray.

Enlarged tray hole for dip stick. 

With the bigger main cap the dip stick bends up past the main cap bolt.

Bending of the windage tray gives ample room for the connecting rods.

Meling 10552 oil pump and pickup

Ai camshaft and EFI Connection 24x

EFI Connection/Cloyes crank srpocket.

Piston is at zero deck height.

Camshaft degreed right on.  103.5 degrees intake centerline.

Dorman stock oil pan.

Crower hydraulic lifters.

GM LT1 heads ported by Ai.

Heads on and torqued.

A couple rocker pairs are not centered.  This can be adjusted by moving the guide plate one way or the other.  There is a slight bit of play in the guide plate.

Here is the rocker with the guide plate re-torqued and the tips are mostly centered.

Oil system check.

Crower lifters.

Ported intake manifold from Ai

Last minute adjustments.  The dip stick needs t be flat to ease it past the splayed caps.

Ellwein Engines 2015