ERE-383 #91 Kent Edin Rebuild

ERE-382 #91, (Kent Edin Rebuild)
4-Bolt Splayed cap, custom Callies crank at 3.750 stroke, 
Oliver billet rods, Custom Ross blower pistons

Kent needs a new block.  This is it.  The 1st block has been well worn over the past 12 years.

Thankfully the rotating assembly is in good shape.  We have a choice of using Kent's current .040" over pistons or his older .030" over pistons.  The block I have is a .030" over thus we use the .030" pistons.

Thankfully I have a few spare pistons (brand new) which were made by Ross way back in 2007 when I put in the original custom piston order.

The connecting rod is by Oliver and it's a 5.850" with standard 2.100" big end diameter.  This rod is still in good shape after 12 years of 1000 hp engine runs.

Mock up of crankshaft and rods so that I can know how much of the block to grind away for rod bolt clearance.

The 2 spare pistons are anodized black.  The others are top fuel green.
Notices the 6 old pistons look to be in good shape.  They have black tops due to carbon.  They are actually green anodized on the piston top just like the sides and bottom.  Now that I have a good set of used pistons matched to the used rods I can now clearance the block and clean it up to prepare for final assembly.

 Ellwein Engines 2019