Zak's Big Block Chevy

Big Block Chevy

Helping my co-worker Zak with his race Big Block Chevy.

This will be for a strip only race car.  He's filling it about 3/4 full of HardBlok.

About 34oz of distilled water and a bag of HardBlok. photos of the block fill but here we installed the heads to simulate bore distortion.

These are Brodix CNC heads with valve job and bowl-blend by Terry Samakow, (a very notable race engine builder who ported the heads for my 1995 Impala SS-The Heavy Eliminator).

Our method of making the block level while the block fill hardens for 24 hours.

Custom pistons from Diamond have arrived.  We ordered 2 sets of rings and 10 pistons, (2 extra).

Oops they forgot to do the skirt coating.  Call back to Diamond results in a pickup by FedEx and one week later the pistons are back at my door step.
I'm on a steep learning curve here with the BBC but it's fun.

 Ellwein Engines 2015