ESE-350 #75  Stock Rebuild

ESE #75, LT1-350 stock rebuild
Tear-down, clean, inspect, refurbish as needed.

This is a pretty nice engine core.  The owner desires it to be refurbished to just like new using as many stock parts as possible.

The stock serpentine damper/balancer is banged up a bit.

Before removing the intake manifold I cleaned and blew out with air the debris.  That is so that I can identify debris that may be in the engine and I don't want to mix that up with dirt that I caused to fall into the motor.

The intake valley looks great.  No debris.  No bearing dirt.  No sign of head gasket leak.

Rocker/valve springs look good and the heads look good.

Water in the oil pan but that is not enough to be from a head gasket leak.  That is from condensation.  The oil pan is free of debris.

Crank and rods look good.

Pistons and rings are all in good shape but the rod big-ends are egg-shaped which is pretty normal.  The rods will be reconditioned.
The mains look good.

Piston bores look great.  A mild hone is all that is needed.

The cam bearings are in good shape too.

All items are now back in my shop after a nice stay at the machine shop.  Block is painted and cleaned.
To the right is the photo verification that the oil galley plug, (in this case a steel ball), is installed.

Stock crankshaft was polished.

Using Clevite "P" series bearings, (conform well to soft stock main caps).

I set clearances on the tight side of the spec. since this is a stock rebuild and not a high rpm race motor.

New cam bearings shown to the LEFT:
Big Block Chevy oil galley plugs with oil holes shown above which take the place of the stock plugs.

Main bearings set up for long-term-storage via the assembly lube.

Brand new Cloyes stock LT1 timing set.

The Cloyes stock timing set is a bit different than stock in that the cam gear is billet.

Valve train parts cleaned.  Lifters soaking in 30 weight oil.

Crank rod journal at 2.0991"

Rod bearing clearance at 0.0024"
Notice to the right that I use an ARP rod bolt guide tool to install the piston/rod.
The block was not decked, (just cleaned).  This shows that stock deck height is around 9.025".  The piston is in the hole -0.025"

Rod bearing clearance 0.0020" with King CR807SI bearings.  Standard size.

The crankshaft rod journal is 2.0991" (for the records).

Crankshaft endplay is 0.004" and rod side clearance is 0.012 to 0.016"

New Melling M155 oil pump.  I need to get the 3/4" pickup.

Heads had a mild valve job and deck straightening.

They also received new stock valve springs.

Heads on and new stock head bolts torqued to 65ft-lb with thread sealant on the threads and ARP lube under the bolt-head.
Lifters-Rockers installed and adjusted to 1 turn past zero pre-load.


The timing cover was cleaned and new seals were installed, (water pump, opti and crank).

Here is the new 3/4" oil pump pickup..  I'll explain how I accomplish the task of pressing it onto the oil pump.

Here are the tools.  I freeze the pickup and heat the oil pump after removing the relief spring.  I have no idea if heating the pump with the spring in place will change the tension of the spring but I remove it anyway.  The tool on the vice is designed to allow me to hammer the pickup into the oil pump.

For this M155 oil pump I changed the relief spring to the GM #3848911 for higher pressure.

F.Y.I.:  I'm not a fan of welding the oil pump pickup.  The factory does not tack weld it.  The pickup will move if you hit it hard enough but that is a moot point when the oil pan is installed.

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