ERE-383 #97

ERE-383 #97
4-Bolt Splayed cap 383 for a 6-Speed Impala SS 
LT4 Heads, Eagle forged Crank and Rods, Mahle -16cc Pistons

Right now I'm dressing down the engine core which came out of the customer's low mileage 1995 Impala SS with 6-Speed.  Curious to see how the rods and bearings and piston look.

The core is not an LT4 but the customer has a very-cherry set of LT4 heads for this project.  These will top the typical ERE-383 with splayed caps and forged rotating assembly.

The oil and the inside of the oil pan looked great.  No dirt or debris.  Very clean oil.

In the video linked to the right I'm just trying to show a close up of the block and bores and the stock rods and pistons.  Although the piston tops are dirty with carbon that is a very reasonable amount of dirt.  The skirts on the pistons are almost new and the bores are likewise almost new.  The crank main and rod journals are in great shape.  This block will be machined for 4-bolt caps (center 3) and 4.030" bore.

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