ERE-383 #96

ERE-383 #96
"Budget" 383 with LE TFS heads and LE Camshaft 
Eagle forged Crank and Rods, Mahle -5cc "Flat-Top" Pistons

OK!   It is about time I got started with ERE-383 #96.  This is the "budget" main cap version which is hardly budget.  The main caps are pretty good.  They are 4-bolt but not billet steel.  ARP main studs are used which helps beef things up.  Here is the block and I'm beginning to get it ready for paint.  I put on sacrificial rear main seal and timing cover and oil pan to help me mask off areas.  I wipe it down with acetone (or brake clean).  The paint is the Eastwood 2 part "2K" high temp ceramic.

Here is the drivers side front of block where some head gaskets block and restrict the oil drain-back. I always clearance in this area no matter what head gasket is used.

Painting finished.  Next on the agenda is rotating assembly mock up to check for clearnace.

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