ERE-395 #93

ERE-395 #93
4-Bolt Splayed cap 395 short block for twin turbo F-body. 
Callies H-beam rods, Wiseco -32 dish blower pistons
Callies dragonslayer crankshaft

Callies will be balancing (re-balance) the crankshaft that was supplied by the owner of this engine project.

I'm collecting weights in order to provide this info to Callies.  Wiseco blower pistons with the S718 wrist pin.  Also Swain Tech thermal coating on the piston top.

The rings are Total Seal CSL3690-35

Here is the crankshaft being prepared for shipment to Callies.

The block has been at the main cap machine shop for quite a while.  The guy who does the work is worth waiting on.  Here is the core that I selected.  A 2-bolt LT1 block.

The block will have the bores sonic checked for adequate wall thickness in addition to the standard machining process.

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