ERE-395 #92

ERE-395 #92
4-Bolt Splayed cap 395 short block Nitrous F-body. 
Callies Ultra Rods, Diamond custom pistons, Callies crankshaft.

Here is the core.  This has a ProGram main cap for center 3 and the front and rear.  Took about 1 year to receive these.

Block returned from 4-bolt main cap installation and bore/hone/decking procedure.  I still need to do quite a bit of prep work on the block.  I'll grind and buff off sharp edges and clearance the bottom of the cylinders for the extra stroke, (rod clearance), and thread tap the front oil gallies, and clean and paint.

Here she is after grinding and buffing.  I do all of this work outside (even if it's cold outside).  I brought the block back inside to do the oil galley thread tapping, (photo not taken).

The outside of the block is smoothed basically to help it look better after the paint job.

Looks like I've already cleaned the block with my hot water pressure washer and scrub brushes.  It also gets blown off with compressed air and oiled with WD40 and wiped with micro-fiber cloth, (less lint).

You should be able to see the clearanced area at the bottom of each cylinder.

I've been making an oil drain back path for every block at the left front.  Most head gaskets do not block this spot but the MLS Cometic gasket blocks off in this area.  

Painted outside too.  Brought inside to warm and dry.

I mask with a used MLS Cometic head gasket and old timing cover and rear main seal housing.  The paint on the deck surface is on purpose.  That will help prevent rust when the engine is in the car.

Now every engine is painted with Eastwood 2 part ceramic catalyzed urethane.  $24/can.  It's as strong as POR15 but goes on with better coverage and faster drying.  One can per block.  This method is about 3 times the cost as the  POR-15.

Callies Ultra connecting rod arrives clean enough to install but this is part of the blueprinting.  More cleaning.  This is 5.850" long and 2.100" at the big end.

Custom Diamond piston
 -5cc, 1.223" CH, 1.2/1.2/3.0mm ring grooves.

All parts cleaned and laid out for error prevention.

Check out the extra duty wrist pin to the right.  Trend H-13 tool steel.
Also note the photo below shows the round wire pin lock of which I prefer over the spiro-locks.

Rob bolt bolt stretch check. 
Spec is .0055-.0065" at 80ft-lb

Here we have .0060" (for an example).  
Every rod bolt came in at spec.

Crank rod journal at 2.0990".
All rod bearing clearance from .0023 to .0025"
Using King 807XPN bearings at standard size.

Verifying clearance.  Here at bottom dead center.

#1 piston/rod needs another round of grinding.....grinding on the block that is.

This is another photo of #1.  I'll mark all of the areas that require more block grinding and then tear down to bare block, then grind, then do a final cleaning of the block prior to installing cam bearings and prior to final assembly.

I always grind at the inboard (cam tunnel) side of the bore.
The rod shoulder will bump here.

Also checking each piston in it's assigned bore.  Piston to bore clearance spec is .005" and I have .006" for all 8 pistons.  Good to be on the loose side.

And one more spot needing more clearance.

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