Golen/ERE-396 Rebuild

SCAT Forged Crank/TFS Heads

Special delivery via UPS Freight.

Mostly intact.  The boards came loose but the engine was not damaged.

Looking for obvious visual signs of oil leakage.  No leaking here at the rear main seal.  Very good.

Driver's side of engine has nice header gasket seal.  No sign of oil leakage from valve covers or oil pan.

Passenger side has a very good header gasket seal.  Some oil film on the oil pan that probably blew back from the front.

Here is some (very slight) oil film.

Some slight oil film.

Cylinder #1 has a very large crusty build up. (Oil?).

A view of the front of the engine: This 396 LT1 has the TorqHead sensing unit to allow the use of an LS1 PCM and coil packs.  NICE!

Nice LT4 intake manifold and TFS heads with LT4 composite valve covers.

Just now noticed...one timing cover bolt is missing and slight oil has seeped out.  Probably was blown back along the passenger side of the engine.

Also note that there are no oil pan rails which if present would help with the oil pan seal.  I think the oil pan sealed well in spite of that though.

This is the TorqHead sensing unit that had the missing bolt.  Oil was definitely leaking from here.

Intake manifold off.  Very clean in the valley.  But lots of oil in some of the intake runners.  Maybe bad valve stem seals or maybe a bad intake manifold gasket seal.

The gasket used was the GM LT4.  It's very hard to see or determine if the gasket was leaking and allowing oil to be sucked into the intake runners.  Possibly....most likely.

The valve train is most excellent!  Good rockers and nicely set up.

The rockers were riding the valve tips perfectly.  The pushrods were 7.150" Comp.  The pushrod guides were welded after adjustment.  Very nice.

Piston top has quite a bit of oil.





Passenger side head.

Driver's side head.

Notice that the oil pan has no rail.  It does have an external film of black RTV over the bolts.  It does not look like there were any leaks from the oil pan/gasket.

Oil pan removed.  This pan is perfectly clean.  Golen did a good job of making sure the engine was clean.

Here is the rotating assembly directly after removing the oil pan.  SCAT forged crankshaft and SCAT I-beam rods with SRP pistons.

The rods and crank journals are very clean.

Rod bearings are pretty good.  Not perfect but still quite good.  The pistons all were in very good shape except having all of the oily dirt on the piston tops.

All pistons and rods are in excellent shape.

Crank looks great.

Very unusual wear marks on the crankshaft thrust and bearing thrust surface. 

I put the crankshaft back into the block to measure crankshaft end-play and it's normal at .007"
Will have to polish the crankshaft thrust journal.

All of the main bearings are in perfect shape (except for the thrust).
Block goes to the machine shop for a pressure test and torque plate hone.  I'll send the heads too and have the valve stems and seals checked.  Crank will have the thrust journal checked and polished.

 Ellwein Engines 2018