ERE-396 #88

ERE-396 #88
4-Bolt Splayed cap, custom Callies crank at 3.880 stroke, 
Callies Ultra I-beam rods, Wiseco blower pistons

Here is the fully machined block.  It has Milodon splayed caps and ARP studs.

These are Advanced Induction ported TFS 21* heads.

Upgrade spring package: Manley Nextek 221435-16 springs with titanium retainers.

Should be around 62cc combustion chamber.  These will be cc volume checked at a later date.

Still waiting on Callies Magnum custom made crankshaft.  To tide us over here are photos of the parts that have been collecting.  The TorqHead ATI BBC hub with 24x reluctor and also the TPIS timing cover that accommodates the BBC hub.

Ellwein/Stef's oil pan.  Oil return 1/8" NPT for turbo on passenger side along with drain plug.  But Stef's accidentally put the oil level sensor bung on the passenger side.  I usually delete the level switch and put a sight-glass in place.

Driver's side, also the 1/8" NPT for turbo oil return and another drain plug.

Drag racing trap door.  No windage or scrapers by my special request.  That just complicates oil pans and does not help above keeping the stock windage tray.

Here we have a new and different Stef's pan.  I ordered this so that all was perfect for oil return and with the oil level switch bung on the correct side.

The crankshaft has been completed.  Callies Magnum crankshaft and Callies Ultra I-beam rods have arrived.  Time to clearance and massage the block.

Block is ready for grinding.

Here is where I grind on the block to allow for oil return from the drivers side head gasket.

All cleaned up after clearancing.  Oiled with WD40.

Now I mock up the rotating assembly prior to final washing.  Many times I will have to do more grinding to clearance for rods.

Crankshaft serial number for the records.

Rod bolts have good clearance.

Good piston to crank counterweight clearance.

Piston is close to zero deck height.  (not measured but going by eye).  I have the block slightly decked and the crank gives a bit more stroke and in theory, in a perfect world, the piston will end up at zero deck height. (turns out it's not at zero--see below actual measurments)

All rods clear the block.  No need for additional grinding.  Now I'll take it all apart and clean the crank and rods and  block one more time.
Now it is time to check if the block is square, (relative to the rotating assembly).  I'll check each piston at the 4 corners.  Zero the mic on the deck and check #1, #7, #2, #8 at their TDC.  I check in the middle of the piston at the pin plane.  Below is what I found....
I'll take the block back to the machine shop and have the left and right decks machined to be closer to 0.010"   Currently the block is only decked at the minimum to clean it.  It is probably at 9.015 to 9.020".  I like to do the minimum decking so that intake manifolds fit well.

Beginning the painting process.

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