ERE-383 #85

ERE 383 #85
Combo change from DART to AFR Heads,
from Crane 109831 cam LE custom cam,
from SCAT I-beam to Callies H-beam rods,
Rebalance Callies Dragonslayer Crankshaft
and sticking with the Mahle flat top pistons. 

OLD COMBO 500hp / 527tq
  New Combo 567hp / 504tq

Upgrading to the H-Beam Callies compstar connecting rod.  Also going to a CNC ported TFS cylinder head.  The photos here were taken when swapping from the SCAT rods to the Callies.  The crankshaft was sent to Callies and re-balanced.

Here we are in my new shop at 550 Camp Conoy Road.  It took quite a while to move and set up shop.  I put down some vinyl sheeting to protect my concrete floor prior to painting and sealing it.

The block cylinder bores just had a nice hone with a dingle ball hone.  The final cleaning of the block will be after I do a little bit of fitting and measuring.

Here in the main engine building shop I'm all set up for production.

Close up of my hone job.

The crankshaft journals were polished at Callies and it was rebalanced to 1721 grams.  The mains measure exactly as they were a few years ago. (all at 2.4482).  I re-measured the main bearings and made some adjustments.  I like to have a bit more clearance now-a-days.

The Clevite main bearings were all in excellent shape but I replaced #2, 3, 4 with King X over-size so as to get .0020" to .0024" clearance.

Trying to get my Callies dealership sign in the photo.

Block now thoroughly cleaned with hot soapy water and dried and oiled.

Installed the crankshaft and checked end-play.  Good at .007".

Rod journals checked for size.  They were polished at Callies and maybe they were turned?  They measure .0002" bigger than my records from the 1st build..(which is funny because the crank cannot grow).  Just shows that right now I can only measure accurately to plus or minus .0005".

Rod bearings are now the King brand, (standard size).  I get .0023 to .0025" clearance.

Fun photo.

Short block assembled.

Rod bolts torqued to 75 ft-lb and rod side clearance is .018" to .020".

AFR CNC ported cylinder heads.

Blurry photo of the new camshaft.  I noticed the center hole being too small to fit an opti spark shaft.  This mistake is all too common with Comp.  Back it goes to the maker for a re-machining of the center hole.

More photos of the AFR heads.  This is the combustion chamber cc build spec.  58cc.

Heads are on and ARP head bolts torqued to 70ft-lb.

Also have the AFR pushrod guide plates (adjustable) along with new ARP rocker studs, (which came with the heads).  Not torqued yet.  The rockers need to be aligned over the valve tips.  When the camshaft comes back from Comp then I can install the lifters, pushrods and rockers.

Here is the camshaft returned from Comp Cams.  It has the nose machined to fit an opti.

Cam degree check is good at 106* intake centerline.

I show this photo of the windage tray where I trimmed it with tin snips to allow the dipstick to pass.  Trust me I made sure there were no burs and no chance of metal flaking off.  The main cap causes the stick to bend while passing and that is why it needs a wider hole in the windage tray.

Oil pan bolted down securely.

TorqHead sensing unit takes the place of the opti.  The TorqHead hub has the 24x reluctor on it.

There is a spacer behind the hub which takes up the thickness of a stock 4x reluctor.  Hub spacing should be good with this.  Hope that the accessories line up well. 

New Crower hydraulic lifters.  This particular set of lifters in not made by Crower but the fact that they fully test each lifter for leak down and reject all that are out of spec is why I buy them.

Now installing pushrods and rockers.  Starting off with 7.250" and ended up with 7.400"

The 7.400" pushrod was perfect. 

Engine dyno set up.  Crank damper needs to have TDC verifiied.

Then distributor goes in at 36 deg BTDC on the compression stroke.

Then headers.

February 22, 2018 at Morgan International Racing Engines.  Faulkner Maryland.

After Dyno: As found condition after removing intake manifold.  Clean and free of water.

Installed the oil pump drive gear.  Bolt torqued to 20ft-lb.

LE ported LT1 manifold for LT4 gasket.  Additional material added will not allow for initial fit.

This is a lot of material to remove.  I'll grind it off to allow for a good fit.

This is the GM 777 LT4 gasket.  Notice that just like the stock GM LT4 head that this AFR LT4 head does not truly raise the intake runner.  There is room to do that if you desire but it is not raised in their CNC program.

OK here I marked the top of the gasket as a guide for my material removing with a grinder.

Now we can see that the manifold will not fit.  It was machined on the head mating surface and leaves a massive gap.

This is a stock LT1 manifold and shows the proper fit.

This is an LT1 carburetor manifold for more comparison.

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