ERE-383 #84

ERE-383 #84 with Eagle forged rotating assembly, 
Mahle -16cc D-dish pistons with 1mm ring pack,
Ai CNC LT1 cylinder heads

 4-bolt mains and steel splayed caps.

The photo to the left shows the area of the block that needs to be clearanced to allow oil drain back from the head gasket.  The MLS and the FelPro 1074 can bennefit from clearancing in this spot.

The block being used in this build is fitted with premium ProGram splayed main caps with ARP main studs.

Block cleaned up and if you look closely you'll see the spot on the deck that was clearanced for the head gasket.

Now I'll be test fitting the rotating assembly to make sure the rods clear the block.  The forged Eagle crank looks nice.

Rod bolts clear the block.

4 piston/rod sets are in and so far so goo.

Another photo.

All rod/piston combos installed and all clears.

Now measuring main bearing clearance.  The main studs are torqued to 80ft-lb with Clevite MS909H premium bearings.  The thrust (#5) is good at .0030".  The rest ended up being .0018 to .0020"

Cam bearings installed and now some PRO-15 Engine black paint.

The Cloyes extreme timing set comes with a new water pump gear.  You have to have a good core and swap the gears.

Here you can see the oil galley plugs with weep oil holes.  These are for Big Block Chevy but work well on the LT1.
The photo to the left is for my records.  I always make sure to take a photo of the oil galley plug under the rear main cap.  This gives me peace of mind to know that I did not forget to install it.

Thrust is .006"

Timing set installed at zero

1st degree check comes up with 107 intake centerline using the "guess the top of the lobe" method.

Next check comes up with 108.5 degrees intake centerline using the mark before and mark after method.
Cam card shows 108 deg. as intake centerline.  Within 1 degree is good.

Rings file fitted for hot street use, (no nitrous).  Top ring at .019" and 2nd ring at .017"

All rods/pistons installed and rod bolts torqued to 65ft-lb.

Rod side clearance is at .022"

Piston is .015" in the hole.  I have my blocks decked as little as possible. This one is at 9.015" 

CNC ported Advanced Induction cylinder heads.

These are from the GM LT1 core.

Head bolts torqued to 70ft-lb.

Test fitting of oil pan.

Now fitting up the oil dip stick tube and stick.  It has to be modified to allow the stick to pass by the big splayed main cap.

The windage tray needs to be trimmed to allow the stick to pass through.

The pickup is a bit lower than 7.5"  This is a Melling M155 oil pump with press-on pickup.

Oil pan on and crank turned to make sure the rods and crank clear.

Crower lifters getting a pre-soak

Rear of the motor with the plugs and crank seal.

Time to fill with oil and test for leaks and oil pressure.

Notice the lifter guides are the new GMPP LS style which captures the lifters for easy camshaft changes...(no pulling the intake manifold).

Pressure with the drill is 60psig.

All pushrods oozed oil onto the rockers.  The optispark here is my shop unit and it's being used  to fill the hole during the oil pressure test.
The final to-do is to clean up an intake manifold and fit that on and then deliver the engine to Nabil Guffey for installation.

Close up photo of the lifter guides that are psudo LS style.  They allow a camshaft swap without removing the intake manifold.

Close up of the CNC porting by Advanced Induction.

One more view of the intake valley.

Test fitting of the intake with the FelPro gasket.  I make sure the bolts line up prior to putting RTV on the manifold.  If the block is decked then the manifold may need to have the bolt holes elongated.

These are the shop valve covers that I use for dyno sessions and photo sessions.  Donated by Stan.

Installing final items:  Professional Products hub and damper #80030.  Here is the hub which is universal to all LT1 cars, (Corvette and Camaro and Impala SS).

If you have a B-body Impala SS you add the aluminum spacer.

Then bolt on the damper with longer bolts.

Here is the TCI neutral flexplate #399174

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