ERE-397 #83 built for 5 time ECIRS season champion Bill DeBlasio

ERE-396 #83 Rebuild (for)
5 Time ECIRS Season Champion Bill DeBlasio
Callies Stealth Crankshaft, Howard's Billet Rods, Callies steel main caps, Ai CNC heads.

Fresh off the boat from LonGuyLan

PHOTO to the LEFT:  I made sure to clean around the intake prior to removing it.  The manifold is nicely powder coated in an aluminum color.  With the intake removed I can see all looks quite normal inside.  We are searching for the reason #6 cylinder has no compression. (and there is an occasional funny valve train noise).

#6 intake runner looks OK.

Each rocker is set on the valve tip like this.  It is unusual to me but the engine had run quite strong with this set up.  There are no unusual marks or wear.

Here is the passenger side head directly after removal.  I did not immediately see something....

And here is the block.  We are looking at #6 cylinder in the center and #4 to the right.

Driver's side head, (looks normal).

Driver's side block, (this side has a FelPro 1074 gasket due to a past repair).

Back to #4, #6 area of the block, the head gasket was burned through.

The head is gassed-off in between #4 and #6 cylinder.  This is the mechanical problem.  How did it happen?  That is the big question that needs to be answer so this does not happen again.  Could be a simple answer such as a blown head gasket due to over heating.  I see no signs of detonation.

Oil pan blue gasket debris...It came from the oil pan gasket getting chewed up by the rods. No-harm-no-foul.

Also to the right is the as-found conditon of the oil pump shaft.  This is unusual.  The pump was still pumping so we can call this "no-harm-no-foul".

A very stout bottom end.  Callies billet caps, Extreme timing set, Billet or forged rods of some unknown brand, SRP pistons, Callies steel crankshaft.

Melling HV oil pump with ARP oil pump stud.

All pistons and rods removed.  Rod bearings are in pretty good shape.

Rod journals are not in the best shape but not so bad that the crank cannot be polished.

Rod bearings not so good.  Nothing that a crank polish cannot fix.

Camshaft bearings are in perfect shape.
The cylinders look pretty good too.

The plan is to have the block check out and honed.  Then order Mahle pistons with 1mm ring package.  Also have the head repaired or replaced and the crankshaft polished and balanced.

Howard's Billet I-beam rods, 5.850", 2.100" rod journal, good condition.  Part # HRS-BR5850, $850 at set if purchased brand new.  Contact Bill DeBlasio if interested in purchase.

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