ERE-353 #80

ERE-353ci #80
Forced induction with custom 
Callies BILLET crankshaft, (3.430" stroke), 
Diamond 4.045" pistons, 
The block has a 9.015" deck height and the 
custom Diamond pistons are at 1.218 compression height.
LS9=Pankle Titanium rods, (6.067").

Diamond Racing Piston with +6cc dome

198g H13 tool steel pin

Total Seal Pro Select AP TS rings

Here are the LS9 rods.  These are take-off rods but they are in perfect condition.

The stock bearings are like new.  The rods fit 2.100" rod journal but they are slightly wider at the big end (.946" vs .940").  The crankshaft is custom and so this will be built into the crankshaft.  The pin bores are bigger than standard SBC and so Bret Bauer will re-bush them to fit the current pins.

 Ellwein Engines 2017