ERE-388 #79

ERE 388 #79
Forced induction ERE388 with a custom Callies
Magnum crankshaft, (3.800" stroke), which gives the 388 ci.
The block has a 9.015" deck height and the 
custom Diamond pistons are at 1.115 compression height.
Callies Ultra I-beam connecting rods complete the rotating assembly.

Callies Ultra connecting rod: 6.0"

Diamond blower piston at -25.5cc

Gas ported and with severe duty wrist pins.

Callies is about one month away from having the crankshaft finished but I sent my weights onward to Justin (my Callies account rep).

H13 tool steel pin @ 173g

Calculated @ 1844g bob-weight.

 Ellwein Engines 2017