ERE-383 #76

ERE 383 #76
Rebuild of Golen 383 shortblock with
Forged Eagle crank, Eagle 6" H-beam Rods,
Mahle -16cc D-dish pistons,
4-bolt Eagle splayed main caps and Ai 21* TFS heads
Piston swap to Wiseco forced induction pistons.

Motor looks good on the outside except for exhaust manifold leaks.  The crankshaft turns freely.

Engine is generally ok but there is a lot of dirt in the intake runners.

Pretty clean oil in the intake valley.  No sign of water/coolant.

The rockers were riding on the outboard edge of the valve tip which may not be a bad thing.  The witness mark is narrow and that is the goal for rocker geometry.  The pushrods were 7.400" and usually I use 7.2000" . This is something to double check later.

54cc TFS 21deg. LT1 heads CNC ported by Advanced Induction.

This looks more like dirt and not oil.

Many of the combustion chambers have this dirty-goop on them.

The cylinder bores look quite nice actually.  I see a lot of dirt on the pistons.

Many of the piston rings were stuck.  I have them mailed off to Mahle Motorsports for annalysis.

I wiped out a lot of dirt prior to taking this photo.  The oil looked fine except for a black/brown grime.  Like dirty air getting past the pistons and into the oil.  No metal.

The bottom end looks pretty good.  Here is the high volume oil pump that I will replace with a standard volume or 10% HV pump.  Also note that there is no windage tray.  I will install a stock windage tray.

The rod bearings look ok except there are dirt scrapes...(not from metal and not from engine coolant).

All of the piston skirts look ok but the piston rings are stuck and will not move..(the 1st and 2nd rings).  Is this caused by dirt or is that a function of running too rich?

The main bearings like like a fine dirt has polished them.

The crankshaft is a 4340 forged steel Eagle brand.

Now that the motor is torn down I will measure the new piston weights and have the crankshaft balanced and the block cleaned and honed.  Stay tuned.

This is the beautiful Wiseco blower piston for 383 SBC motors with 6" rod.  It's a -29cc dish and the top ring is pretty far down from the heat of combustion at .300". 

NOTE: The old Mahle pistons were sent to Mahle in Tennessee for analysis and they provided a detailed report.  Turns out the cylinder heads and pistons were simply corroded via moisture and long term storage.

Block paint via POR15 Engine black

Now measuring crankshaft main bearing clearnace.

I'm using King bearings and it looks like I need to get a set of "X" to give more clearance.  This blower motor will need at least .002" for the mains and preferably .0025".  Turns out I've had X bearings on order now for the past 2 months and they are out of stock.  Looks like I need to move over to the Clevite since they are in stock.

Upgrade to the piston wrist pin.  This is the Wiseco S718 Tool Steel 0.200" wall thickness.

Oops on Wiseco factory.  The area of the piston under the connecting rod was not machined.  Have to return these and get a new set..

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