ERE-369 #67

ERE 396 #67
Forced Induction 395 with Callies crank,
Callies Ultra I-beam rods,
 Upgraded to custom Diamond pistons,
ProGram 4-bolt splayed main caps,
TFS heads by Advanced Induction

The original piston was to be this Wiseco -32cc dish..... now we are waiting on the custom Diamond piston and then a new crankshaft balance.

And here we have the Diamond piston with tool steel pins and Total Seal rings, (1.5mm/1.5mm/3mm)

A photo of the ATI hub for small block Chevy crank nose and big block Chevy outside diameter and 6 bolt holes.
Part # 916048B

Weighing parts individually for record keeping but really the piston/pin/locks/rings/rail are weighed together for the balance card.

The sturdy Diamond piston is 441g compared to the Wiseco at 388g.  In this case sturdy is worth the weight. This piston has been milled inside to minimize this extra weight.

This pin is 160g compared to the Wiseco at 106g.

Here is the freshly machined block direct from my buddy Chad Golen.

This one was ordered with steel caps at # 2, 3, 4 as well as #1 and #5



Advanced Induction Trick Flow 21deg LT1

This is a quick double check on the combustion chamber cc

I measured 62 cc which is exactly what Ai reported.

Mock up of the crankshaft and one rod and piston to find out where the piston sits in the block.  This crankshaft required a bit of tungsten heavy metal.

I ask for the block to be decked to around 9.010" and I order the piston to 1.070" compression height.  That worked out pretty close.  I have +.003" out of the hole.  The block is probably at 9.005"

The piston is -17.1cc dish with 1.5mm/1.5mm/3.0mm rings

I use this "bore-gauge" when filing rings.  I compare the mic reading to the engine bore to make sure it's 4.030".

For 15-30psi forced induction it's .028"/.028" gap

These are H-13 tool steel pins at 2.95" long and 160 grams

 All pistons/rods/rings assembled and ready.

New shop tool from B.H.J.
This is a camshaft bearing installation tool.  Not to say the old hammer-in tools are bad but I figured I'd step up my tool game.

A little out of focus.  Cam bearings pressed in but still present are a few little metal shavings that come off the back of the bearings just like when I use the hammer-press.  Of course the shavings are blown out.

Advanced Induction
Camshaft # ERE Ferretti 
Grind: Ai-2845-14HR.  This hydraulic lifter cam is for blower forced induction around .610" lift, 229/245 duration at .050" (114 lobe separation).

Verification of rear main cap oil galley plug.

Callies crankshafts are very consistant.  Rods are 2.0990", Mains are 2.4478"

Mix of .001 and standard King HPN bearings

Thrust at .0067"

Camshaft verified at 110 deg intake centerline with timing set at "0"

Now spending time mocking up and measuring.  To the Right is the EFI Connection 24x reluctor mostly centered with the ATI hub pressed on.  Below is blower pulley and crank pulley distance from pulley bracket.  The crank pulley and damper and aluminum spacer combo now go to the machine shop to have 1/2" shaved off and 3 additional bolt holes plus center hole added.

Measuring to verify pushrod length.  Have shop head gasket on, (.040" vs .060" but that should be ok for this test).

Photo taken right after I rotated the crank a few times and then loosened the rocker stud nuts.

7.200" worked quite well.

Each rod bolt was torqued to 85 ft-lb to get .006" stretch.

With standard sized King HP series bearings the clearance is .0025" to .0026" 

All rods/pistons installed and rod side clearance checked to be .018" and all rod bolts torqued to .006" stretch which happens to be 85ft-lb on my torque wrench.

To the left is a view of the block clearance and above is just a nice view of the custom Diamond piston.

Stock windage tray installed and  massaged away from the rods.

My technique to make room for the dipstick tube.

To the Left:  Moroso oil pan.  Test fit.  Will not clear the Melling 10552 oil pump pick up.

Installed a standard volume high pressure oil pump with custom pickup that I had on the shelf.

Now the pan hits the main caps in this spot.  That whole scraper has to come out.

Pan on and it fits with no interference after taking out the scraper and screen.  No photo now.  I'll try to remember to take a photo later.

Close up of the crank & cam sprockets with the zero marks (dot-to-dot)

Camshaft pin pokes out too far and hits the timing cover....

This is the cam pin as delivered from Ai...

This is the cam pin after I pushed it in to allow for timing cover clearance.

EFI Connection crankshaft 24x reluctor is designed for small block Chevy crank hub.  The big block Chevy outside diameter hub will rest flush with the reluctor where my finger is pointing...(thus the hub will be .500" further forward). 

Cleaning all head bolt holes in the deck to prepare for head studs.

Clean head deck ready for MLS head gasket.

Cometic MLS at .060" thick

Intake rockers come close to or touch the head studs...I ground away on the rocker to allow clearance.

Final photos of the bottom end prior to installing oil pan gasket and pan.

Moroso SBC oil pump in standard volume version.

Oil pressure test gives 70 psig with battery powered drill.

Dual plane intake manifold gasket ready for engine dyno

Motor headed for engine dyno at Morgan International.


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