ESE-383 #61

ESE 383 #61
Short block

The crankshaft is an old Callies that has been repaired.  The thrust is weld repaired and the mains are .010" under.

The rod journals are standard though.

Compstar H-beam rods and King HPN rod bearings.

Crank rod and main journals verified.

Washing crankshaft

Have I mentioned that I love my parts washer?

Rods clean....

Crankshaft clean...

Crankshaft rod journals at 2.0990"

Main journals at 2.4380" (.010" under)

With King rod bearings CR807HPN all rods are at .0026 to .0027"

Filing rings for .020"/.020" gap

Pistons and rods fresh from the parts cleaner...

...waiting for piston ring installation.

Ten under Clevite bearings installed.

Thrust at .007"

#1 piston/rod installed.  Piston is .012" in the hole.

Marking the block for rod clearance.
Now the block will be disassembled, clearanced, cleaned and reassembled.

The block has been clearanced and cleaned.

To the left is a photo of the oil gallery ball-plug.  Above is the notch for the rod bolt clearance.

I made sure the rods cleared the block prior to installing the cam bearings.  I like to leave the cam bearings for last just in case I have to do more grinding on the block.

Compstar rod bolts at 75 ft-lb and the feeler gauge is a .020" (indicating rod side clearance)

Short block complete.

Ai Camshaft #234242108

This photo shows the front oil galleries which are threaded for screw in plugs.

The lifter plugs have an oil weep hole.

One last look before the heads go on.

These are used Ai 200cc heads.  Brinkley Auto Machine cleaned them up and checked the valve springs.

Crower lifters and cleaned up "used" lifter dog-bones.

Rockers still to be determined. 
To-do list:

Cloyes timing set.
Oil pump, timing cover, oil pan.

We have the timing set.  The Cloyes comes with a replacement gear for the water pump drive.

Now to show off my new degree wheel.  It's huge. 

And accurate.  Here the cam intake centerline was found to be at 104 deg.  Just as stated on the Ai Cam Card.

Refurbished, (cleaned up), timing set.

Rocker tip witness marks with 7.200" pushrods.

Manley pushrods and Comp Ultra-Pro Rockers.

Melling 10552 oil pump and windage tray installed.

Bolt-on oil pump pickup.

The windage tray is made to clear the longer stroke by simply bending the tray 'up'.

I pry the tray up like this.  The tray is soft.

Getting ready for the oil pan.  1st thing to do is make sure the rods clear the pan via a test fit and next is to center the rear main seal housing.  I use a couple of feeler gauges to center it...(no photo).

Pan on and spot painted with POR15 engine black.

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