ERE-383 #60

ERE 383 #60
Short block assemble/rebuild 

425 rwhp / 382 rwtq all natural prior to Forced Induction.

Now working in the new shop.

Spent some time removing metal for rod clearance.

Washed, dried and oiled.

Thread tapped the front oil galleys.

This block had Howard's billet caps installed by Artie in Bladensburg, MD

King HP main bearings.

The crank main journals are .001" under.

This is what I ended up selecting for bearings. .001" top and bottom for Main #1, 2, 5 and a mix of .001-STD. for #3 and 4.

Ended up using a .001" top and bottom for a .0025" oil clearance.

Alright.  Crank in and spinning freely.

Thrust at .007

One rod/piston combo for checking deck height and rod bolt clearance at the bottom of the block.  Standard sized King bearings give .0025" clearance.

Major delay:  Crank counterweight is not cammed for a 5.7" rod.  Will have to send back to Lunati.

Block was square decked a minimum amount. The piston is in the hole .014"

Here I'm finally working in my new shop.  Been spending the last 2 weeks moving and had to neglect the engine building.

Lots of space.  Dedicated work station.  Here is where I crunched the ring gap to be .026"/.026" (mild forced induction).

Total seal file fit rings.

1st and 2nd ring at .026"

Oil galley ball installed.  Notice the small scratch at the thrust cap oil hole.  That is a minor "oops" during the grinding of that oil hole.  No harm no foul.

New SCAT 4340 forged crankshaft back from the balance shop clean and ready for installation.  It has 2.4482" mains that will require a re-gauge of the bearing clearance.

Now with all standard size bearings.  Generally tight main bearing clearance. (not too tight).

Thrust is .006"

OK, the engine owner and I both discussed and agreed to make the main bearing clearance a bit wider.  That required switching from King standard size to Clevite X size, (mixed with standard size).

Why not clean the crankshaft with my new Safety-Kleen parts washer?

This is the very first item ever cleaned in this washer.

The camshaft from Lloyd Elliott.

Crank and camshaft after washing.

Cam installed and Cloyes double roller installed.

I have a fully insulated shop and a window air-conditioner which is just keeping up in the 99 deg. summer.  This is the temperature measured at my work bench.

Rod bearings from 0.026" to .028"
Rod journal on the SCAT crank is 1.0992"

All rods/pistons installed.  Rod side clearance is .020".  Rod bolts torqued to 75 ft-lb.

Next step is to degree the camshaft and paint the block with POR-15.

Painted last night and allowed to dry.  Some touchup today and while allowing for the paint to dry I can degree the camshaft.

Intake centerline on the cam card is 110 and that is what was measured.  Crank sprocket at zero.

A few other cam checks were Intake open @.050" as found was 2 deg BTDC (card spec = 3). Exhaust valve open at 57 deg BBDC (card spec = 57.5).

Cleaned the head bolts and the Melling 10552 oil pump.

 Ellwein Engines 2015