ESE-383 #56

ESE 383 #56
Rebuilding the Corvette factory 4-bolt 350 into a stout 383 with
Lloyd Elliott LT1 heads/cam, Callies Crank & rods, Mahle pistons

This 92 LT1 already has a good set of TFS heads and mild TFS camshaft

Trick Flow rockers

This is the cleanest head gasket I have seen.

Nice clean engine.  The block goes out for bore/hone/square-deck/main stud align hone.

Intake manifold sent to LE for porting.  These are photos for my memory when putting things back together.

Time to clearance the bottom of the block for stroke.

Sharpie marks the spot.

Callies dragonslayer, 3.75" stroke.

Block cleaned and ready for main bearing clearance measurments.

Another view of the crankshaft.

Mains at 4.4480

Plug for oil galley.  Verified present.

I had the block align honed for main studs.

Clevite P series for stock main caps.

Crank end play (thrust) @ .005"

Rod bearings at 0.0022" with standard size Clevite HN bearings.

Top rings at .020"

2nd ring at .020"

Mahle pistons and Callies Compstar rods.

All piston/rods installed but not torqued yet.

Checking piston deck-height.  All pistons at .011" (in-the-hole)

A few rods were too close to the block.

A little more grinding/clearancing.

Block is all cleaned and ready for final assembly.

I saved the installation of cam bearings until now just in case I had to grind more for rod clearance.

Camshaft from Lunati via Lloyd Elliott

Re-installed the oil galley plug under the rear main cap.

Rod bearing clearance at .0020" using standard and .001" Clevite HN bearings.

Rod side clearance at .019"

Callies Compstar rod bolts torqued to 75ft-lb and .005" stretch.

Camshaft installation.  One snafu was that that cam-pin was too short to drive an opti-spark.  I pulled it and inserted a pin that was taken from one of my used camshafts.

Installing the crank sprocket from the Cloyes Extreme timing set.

New sprocket for the water pump drive.

Oil holes for the cooling of the timing set.

Cam pin.

Setting up for cam degree check

Cam card calls for 108 intake centerline and I found it at 107 which is within my goal of being + or - 1 deg.

Replacing the oil pump spring with this GMPP 70psi spring.

Oil pump pickup set.

Dip stick tube needs a slight bending to clear the ARP main stud and nut.

Mr. Gasket .026" head gasket which will give .037" piston to head clearance.

TFS pushrods, 7.200", 5/16"

All lifters at 1/2 turn past zero preload.

Engine pose before paint.

Now with paint.

Testing the oil system and lifters.

My battery powered drill pushes it to 55psig

Oil dribbles up into all rockers

Oil pump drive installed.

A view of Elliot Port Works.

Elliott also ported the intake manifold

I made the bolt holes in the intake 9/16" wide.

Converted 92 Corvette opti over to vented opti.

Ready for pick up.

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