ERE-385 #53

ERE 385 #53
SCAT crankshaft, SCAT rods, Mahle Pistons,
TFS 21* heads, Ai Camshaft 

The block is freshly honed and cleaned.

This block is a core from a good customer.  It is bored to 4.040" 

The core block had already been decked so I had the machine shop simply clean and buff the deck.

The entire rotating assembly was sourced from SCAT.  They originally sent an SRP piston and I exchanged the SRP for the Mahle.  The piston/rings/pin/locks combo is 10 grams lighter.  Now the crankshaft is at the balance shop for a re-balance.

The affordable yet still sturdy SCAT I-beam connecting rod with 7/16" rod bolts.

Piston part number Mahle SBC125040I16

Rod big end 417g
Rod bearing 42.5g
Oil 4g

Rod small end 159g
Piston/pin/locks/rings 591.5g

Bob Weight = 1673.5g

Mahle 4.040" piston checked for piston-to-wall clearance, (.0030) just on the high side of the spec.

TFS 21 degree LT1 heads (out-of-the-box)

Piston and rod assemblies.

Mahle uses a 1 gram wire lock to save weight, (every gram counts)

File fit of Mahle rings, (.020" top ring and .018" 2nd ring)

Block painted with POR15 engine black

Camshaft installed.

Main bearing check.  All beairng clearance from .0025" to .0020"

Crank thrust is .007"

Cylinders verified clean

Installed #1 piston/rod and degreed camshaft.  Found to be 106 deg intake centerline.  Exactly as cam card.

Rod side clearance is .018 to .019" and rod bolt stretch is .004 to .005"

Mr. Gasket .026" thick head gasket.

Pistons are .008" in the hole

TFS 21deg heads. (no porting).

Ellwein Engines 2014