ERE383 #52

ERE 383 #52
Inspect and Rebuild 

The car went through a few desert sand storms, thus the dirt and mud.

This looks like the Delteq Northstar set up but it's not.  It's run by a MEFI-4 with crank tone wheel.

Interesting way to make sure the water temp sender has a ground.

Electromotive used to make these reluctor tone wheels.

T56 tranny.  BBHP #55

Nabil Guffey helped me remove the tranny.

This will go to "The Gear Box" in Mechanicsville Maryland for refurbishment.

Brodix LT1 heads. HA!!!

The motor is very clean inside.

Very nice bottom.

Billet center main caps, Eagle 3.75" crank.

Manley rods and pistons.

LT4 timing set, (the small chain).

Main bearings not so good looking.

Will take the block to the machine shop for a cylinder hone.  The heads will get a check up too.

Block back from machine shop with a touch up hone.  Ring scratches left as is.  Should not be a problem with oil seal.

The scratches are at the top of #4, 6, and 8 bores.

Cleaned up and ready to check main bearing clearance.

The crankshaft was reground and polished and also magnafluxed.  The rods and mains are now .010" under.

Cylinder #8 has scratches midway down the bore that should not cause a problem.

And cylinder #6

With .010" under bearings in place and the crank main journals mic''s time to measure bearing clearance with a bore-gauge.

.030", .025", .018", .020", .023" (5 to 1)

Installing camshaft bearings

Camshaft from Elliot's Portworks

Current timing set is LT4 regular.  Here is compared to LT4 extreme.

Eagle 3.75" stroke crankshaft

Thrust worked out to be .006"

Photo of oil galley plug for my records

Along with the crankshaft we are re-using the rods and the Manley pistons.  Just gotta clean them up and order new piston rings.

Now measuring rod bearing clearance.  Here the crank rod journal is 2.0895"

.010" under Mahle rod bearings

Torque the rod bolts to .004" stretch

Most rods measured .0022" clearance.

Decided to go with new pistons.  These are Mahle flat top.

All rods/pistons assembled and now ready for installation.

Now time to file fit the piston rings.

Top ring at .021 to .022" gap

2nd ring at the same, (.021-.022")

Piston to cylinder wall clearance, (.003)

Pistons in and they are .015" in the hole.

Verified rod bolt stretch at .004" with my torque wrench at 70ft-lb

Cam degree check.  LE spec camshaft.

Intake centerline 107

Nice timing set.

Cleaned up stock 96impalaSS timing cover.

GM opti delete plug.

Crower hydraulic lifters.

Lifters installed.

Cleaning of oil pan.

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