ERE-396 #51

ERE 396 #51
Rebuild-Combo change.  Detune from pop-up high compression to flat top semi-streetable.  24X LS PCM

This block started life as a Golen 396LT1.  He uses a good quality cast 4-bolt main cap.

I added ARP main studs and had the block align honed.  Clearance check of King HP main bearings.  0.0030" for rear main.

All the rest are at .0020"

The crankshaft is the original Golen Eagle forged.  It was rebalanced for the Mahle flat top pistons.

Advanced Automotive Machine balance job #769

1st piston in for mockup and at .010" in the hole.

Ring gap for nitrous.  Pretty wide at 028"

2nd ring also at .028"

This Mahle 396 piston for 6" rod has the rod pin in the oil ring area.

This is a nice billet core cam from Lunati via Lloyd Elliott.  Mechanical roller, high .688" lift, 255/265 duration @.050"

Nice timing set that is included with the EFI Connection 24x system.

Camshaft verified ICL @ 105 and intake opens at 22.5 BTDC with crank sprocket at Zero.

FelPro 1074 head gaskets.

LE TFS heads, (64cc chamber).

24x reluctor.

2nd generation 24x system.

Reluctor looks to be right in the center.

Cold lash at .010", (hot lash should be .020")

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