ERE-383 #50

ERE 383 #50
Rebuilding the 350 into a stout 383 with
Lloyd Elliott LT1 heads/cam, Lunati Crank, SCAT rods, Mahle pistons

LT1 for 3rd gen Fbody

The heads look good.

F-body heads

Unknown plastic in #5 hole

#1 piston

The area on the head that corresponds to where #1 piston has the damage

Nice GMPP timing set

2-bolt mains

Oil pump looks pretty good.

Oil pan looks good.

#1 piston, (sorry for out of focus)

#3 piston, (#7 looks the same way)

Block ready for trip to machine shop.  4-bolt main caps will be installed.

Received block back from machine shop and then clearanced for stroke and washed.

Cam bearings installed.

Now painted with POR15 engine black

Oil gallery plug installed and camera gives me proof.

Main cap bearing clearance check

All mains using standard size bearing shells except #1 which uses a mix of .001 and std

Rear main thrust cap torqued and thrust is .006"

Lunati crankshaft is in and spins freely.

Lunati camshaft spec'ed by Lloyd Elliot

I drill my own small oil holes in the oil galley plugs to cool the timing set with oil spray like factory.

New water pump gear.

ARP cam bolts

GMPP extreme timing set.

Mocking up #1 piston/rod to degree the cam.

Bearing clearance .0021" with Clevite HN standard size bearings.

Piston is .006" in the hole

Camshaft is 106 deg. ICL exactly as per cam card.

Rod shoulder bumped the bottom of the cylinder in this spot.  Took everything apart and ground for clearance and cleaned with soap and water.

Was meaning to make the rear main bearing a bit tighter so I took this opportunity to do a mix of standard and .001"

Top ring at .020"

2nd ring at .018"

Rod bearings at .0020 to .0021"

Rod side clearance .020"

Rod bolts at 75 ft-lb for .005" stretch.

The oil pump just barely touched the main stud.  I clearanced the pump just a bit.

Melling 10552 oil pump.

Mr. Gasket .026" head gaskets.

I measured the chamber volume.  I'd say this is give or take 2 cc accurate.

Cleaned up the ARP head bolts.

LE3 heads.

3/8" rocker and rocker studs.

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