ERE-383 #49 for big forced induction

Ai/ERE 383 #49
Big Boost Custom Piston ERE-383 with Callies Ultra 5.850" Rods, Callies Magnum 3.75" stroke, 2.000" rod journal crankshaft, Diamond Custom Pistons, Ai TFS heads. 
2020 Dyno session: 809 rwhp / 700 rwtq
F1A ProCharger at 17 psi, 4L80e with 3600 stall, 9" rear

Custom piston set from Diamond.

Hard anodized and slip skirt coating.

Piston is 484.5g

H-13 tool steel pin from Trend.  This pin is a massive 172 grams.  Heavy but strong.

No oil ring rail support.

-17.0 cc for 9.5:1 compression ratio.

Polished pin boss, Double pin oiler grooves visible.

1.5mm/1.5mm/3.0mm ring pack

Callies Magnum crankshaft BBC nose.

The Magnum crankshaft has gun-drilled mains.  This one has a 2.000" rod journal.

Photo after final soap/water cleaning.

Cleaned, dried and oiled.

Now painted with POR15 black

Coated cam bearings.

Oil galley plug.

Now using King HP bearings.

Standard size.  Thrust bearing at .0030"

The rest at .0020" - .0024"

Just prior to installing crankshaft.

Crankshaft bobweight is 1862g

Thrust is .008 without main cap torqued.

Thrust is .008" with main cap torqued.

Rear main seal adapter installed.

Callies ULTRA 5.850" / 2.000"

Big heavy stuff here.  But worth the weight so as to keep the piston round.

Wire lock, (no spiral locks allowed!)

Bores cleaned and ready for ring file fit.

Here we have my method of measuring piston to bore clearance.   (.006")

.028" top ring

.028" 2nd ring

King HP rod bearings.

Rod bolt stretch .0045"

Clearance at .0025"

Rod side clearance .018" (feeling inserted between rods during rod-bolt torque.

Very good clearance at the block

Windage tray fitting.

Dip stick mockup

Extra space for dip stick to pass.

Oil pump pickup at around 7.5"

Pistons out of the hole .004"

Cloyes hex-adjust "B" timing set for SBC with BBC crank nose

Temporary camshaft installed to allow for mockup of 24x reluctors.

The crank reluctor is not centered as well as I'd like.  Probably ok though.

Test fit of the cam sensor.

The cam reluctor rubs a little on the cam sensor.

Washers to space out the cam sensor will give better clearance.

Time to mock-up for pushrod length.

Crower hydraulic lifters.

New GM oil pump drive gear.

TFS 21deg heads for mock-up.  These are for Bostic's ERE-396 #54.

Crower shaft rockers on.

The adjustable pushrod on the left is the proper length.  The one on the right is a 7.000" 3/8" OD.  I need to order 7.100"

ARP 12 point head studs.  Block threads cleaned and chased.  Head stud threads cleaned and coated with Right Stuff RTV.

The difference in thickness between Cloyes double roller and single roller, (.100")

Now going to test fit the single roller (big chain) which had the crank hub machined larger to fit the BBC crank nose.

Some discoveries:  The single roller that I had machined to fit the BBC hub did not get a taper/bevel on the back side.

That lack of taper does not allow it to seat fully on the crank.  .030" by feeler.

The cam sprocket certainly sits closer to the block and thus the cam reluctor is not sticking out so far.

The double roller timing set.  Sensor sticks out further.

The reluctor with the single roller timing set, (.070" closer to center but not truly centered)

The reluctor with the double roller timing set.

The cam pin needs to be trimmed down a hair.

pin interference with the cam sensor housing.

Ellwein Engines 2014