ERE383 #48 2nd teardown/investigate oil problem

ERE 383 #48
Investigate why motor consumes oil
(even after fresh rebuild). 

Getting ready for the engine dyno.
Please excuse the water pump.....
Raw photos and some comments and notes about findings.

I like this steam line set up and took a photo for duplicating this set up in my car.

Some of the exhaust ports looked like this.  Not all of them.

5 seconds after removing the intake manifold.

To my eye the bores do not look all too bad.

Some side loading of the pistons. (not fuel wash)

The block bores are not able to stay perfectly round but I think the rings can conform to the out-of-round.

The bores were oval and had to go to 4.0320" to make round.

New and stronger Manley Nextek 221435 springs, 23615TS-16 retainers, 13194-16 10* locks

The valve stem seals were found to be loose and off the boss.  The as-found seal was ELY/322-1010 Viton blue.  The new seal fits tighter on the boss and is PBR brand 500-11/32

The heads showed signs of valve float by valve spring lock chatter marks.  The seals may have rattled off the valve guide boss.

This is the seal that fits not so tight on the boss.

Obtaining weight values for Callies balance shop.

Piston 475g

Brian wanted a lot of photos

This Diamond custom piston is 1.280" CH for a 4.0320" bore.

"Double-Diamond" hard anodized and slip skirt coating.

Secondary machining on the ring lands after anodizing.  Double pin oiler, milled under the crown for weight savings.

Did we overdo it on the massive pin?

Saved a few grams on the locs  :)

I use a 3-beam scale.....

And a digital scale as a back-up.

New Crower hydraulic lifters

Piston to wall is .0065"

Cam bolts torqued to 20ft-lb

Ring filing:  .030" 1st and .030" 2nd

Green bores?

Decided to use Total Seal "Quick-Seat"

Crankshaft has returned from Callies and it is balanced at 1825g bob-weight

Re-used the Clevite bearings

Crank sets in place nicely

Same photo...LOL

Thrust at .008"

New lifters require longer pushrod.

7.2 and 7.5"

Compstar 5.850" (hopefully less side loading compared to 5.7" rod)

Each rod journal is still at 2.0990"

Standard size HN bearings give .0020 to.0023"

Ready to install piston-rod combo #1

Piston at zero

#2 rod and piston combo?

oops.  It was really #3

Some bare spots getting a touch up

.005" rod bolt stretch and .020" side clearance.

One head stud had damage on the threads and is getting replace.  (could not fix by chasing it)

New lifters get a bit of soaking

Installing lifters NOW!

Cometic .040" head gasket

Heads on and stud nuts torqued to 80ft-lb with oil

This is why the lifters go in before the heads.

All rockers aligned on valve tips

ISKY adjustable guide plates

New crank seal custom ordered for BBC crank nose and TPIS timing cover

I viewed the 24x reluctor through the crank sensor hole to verify that the hub is fully seated.

LT1 dynamometer intake manifold mocked up.

Still need rear main seal housing gasket when the parts stores open. 

Still need to pump up the oil and test the new lifters and verify oil pressure.

Pressure test looks good.

All lifters pushed oil up into the rockers.

Temporary timing pointer set up for engine dyno.

The Big Day... Jim Morgan Racing Engines.

Brian on the left and Jim on the right.

Set up on the DTS dynomometer.

GMPP LT1 Carb-intake manifold.

Holley 750 Carburetor.

Nice video camera stabilizer rig.

Very nice display.

Back at the Ellwein Engines shop after oil pan inspection.  All good inside the pan ;)

Link to YouTube video

Ellwein Engines 2014