ESE383 #47
ERE 383 #47
For 1995 Impala SS with M-6 and 4.10 gears.
Customer will install Ai 200cc LT1 heads.
Lunati crankshaft, Callies Compstar Rods, Mahle Pistons

The Lunati 3.75" stroke crankshaft in the background and LT1 block in the foreground.

Lunati forged crank balanced to 1754g.

Slight modification to oil hole at the rear main journal.

Verify that the main oil galley divider ball is in place.

The rear main bearing in place over the modified oil passage hole.

Main bearings are the Clevite "P" which are good for high flexing stock main caps.

Clearance set with a mix of .001" and standard main bearing 1/2 shells.

Thrust at .008" and mains at .018/.020/.022/.025/.025" (1 - 5)

Callies Compstar H-beam 6" rods.

Clevite H-series rod bearings mix of .001 and standard gives a bearing clearance of .0020"

These are used, (but good), Mahle -16cc D-dish pistons.

Assembled without rings to check for bottom end clearance.  (all clear---no additional grinding needed).

Filing rings.  .020" 1st / .016" 2nd

A good coating of assembly lube.  The motor may sit for a bit.

Something feels "not right" after installing pistons.  The rings are tighter at the bottom of the cylinders.

Turns out that the machine shop, (Cox in Charlotte Hall MD) did not bore the block square.  So that has me ditching this block.

Many moons later here is the replacement block with Eagle main caps.  Painting with POR15.

After final is the oil galley plug verification photo.

Ready for main bearings. The block will get another touch-up of paint because I noticed some spots that I missed.

Using King brand main bearings.

Studs at 80ft-lb and bolts at 60ft-lb

Lunati crankshaft installed and spinning freely.

Thrust, (crank-end-play), at .006" before and after rear main cap bolts torqued.

Ring gap checked.  This block had a crank with spun rod bearings and lots of debris.  The bores were honed the very minimum to take away scratches.  It is at 4.0310

The gaps are .023/.023

Most bores have these scratches which are reduced by the re-hone to the point that they will not affect ring seal.

Piston in the hole .007"

Rod side clearance .018"

Next step is more POR15

Ellwein Engines 2015,