ERE-383 for EFI Connection

ERE-383 for EFI Connection
4-Bolt Splayed cap 383 for Fbody street car. 
AFR 195 LT4 Heads, Eagle forged Crank, Compstar rods, Mahle -5cc Pistons

One of these are assigned to Mike Noonan (the EFI Connection ERE-383).

For some reason this is the only photo I salvaged of the balance parts.  Mahle flat top 383 pistons #930200630 with the 1mm ring pack.  The best piston value for the money.

383 crankshaft from Eagle.  I send it off to Clinton Machine for balance and journal polish even though it's brand new.

AFR heads #1039-716 with the 7 degree steel retainer upgrade. I ordered milling to 62cc but they did not do that.  The heads are at 65cc.  They did include my requested spring upgrade.  The heads have the PAC 1.270"OD spring good for .650" lift and 7000 rpm hydraulic roller.

Doing block prep on 2 blocks today.  EFI Connection block is to the right with NO freeze plugs.  They are each getting the front oil galleries tapped for threaded plugs.

POR-15 black.  EFI Connection block in the background.

Notice that the deck surface is only slightly decked.  I only take away what is required to make it square.  Intake manifolds fit better when blocks are minimum decked.

Today is the day to work on rotating assembly mock-up.  I'll measure bearing clearance and install the full rotating assembly and mark where more block clearance is needed (if any).

3 different sized main studs due to different sized main caps and 3 longer windage tray studs.

Mix of bearing sizes give the clearance that I'm happy with.  The main bearing clearance is .0025/.0027/.0027/.0028/.0037" from #1 to #5.  Using King M557XP bearings from standard to .001" under to .001" over.  Mixing 1/2 shells to get as close to .0025" as possible---except at the #5 thrust bearing of which the target is .0035".

Now all are removed and the crankshaft will be set in place.

Eagle crankshaft balanced by Clinton Machine to 1725g neutral

Compstar 6" rods and Mahle flat top pistons.

Piston to bore clearance verified to be .003"

King 807HPN bearings. All 8 rods measured from .0023 to .0026" clearance.

Some rods are too close to the block (not shown in this photo).  I'll mark the area and grind after checking all rod/piston combos.

Here is a snap shot from my borescope which shows the cam tunnel area and the rod having plenty of clearance.  I can only see this area using my borescope.

All assembled and mocked up.  The areas marked in yellow are the areas that require more clearance.  Only about 4 spots but the entire rotating assembly will come out and the block will be clearanced and then cleaned.

Also took the opportunity to measure piston to deck clearance, (preliminary prior to full torque of caps and rods).  #1 is at .014" IN the hole.  Also notice the paint is smudged at the top-front.  I did not notice until seeing this photo.

This is the block after cleaning and additional rod clearance.

Photo of steel ball oil galley plug, (for my records).

I had a set of coated cam bearings so why not install them for Mike's motor.  :)

Crankshaft installed and rear main thrust verified at .006".  This is before and after the rear main cap is torqued to 80ft-lb.

Here we have a photo of the front oil galley plugs.  These have been threaded by me in order to install the pipe plugs.  Notice the lifter valley plugs have oil weep holes.

Billet core camshaft designed by Dennis Staff at Fast-Cat porting service.  This is on an Erson core.

.602/.584" lift...234/238 duration at .050"...112.5 LSA

Ring filing set up.  The rings are 1mm thick.  Mahle pioneered the "thin" ring pack.  I'm going to gap the rings for street performance.  0.020" top ring and 0.018" second ring.

Top ring at .020"

2nd ring at .018"

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