Crankshaft girdle for Kent's ERE-383
"The King of Spades"

McKeown Motorsports Engineering will design and fabricate at crankshaft support/girdle.
Kent's motor made a successful trip to the dynamometer and will be safely stored while another LT1 (ERE355) is used as a dummy (phantom) for Mark McKeown and crew at MME to use in making a crankshaft support.

This is the ATI F-2 Blower for The Gentle Giant Kent in Sweden

We need to get a motor that has an identical set up as what Kent will be using in his Impala SS.  That's an ATI LT4 crankshaft hub/damper and Meziere electric water pump and all stock accessories.

So I'll use my ERE-355 and send that to MME to use as a dummy.  Here I already have the LT4 hub installed, the optispark, the GM water pump.....but we need to install the Meziere electric water pump

Electric water pump installed and accessory bracket

Here is a close up of what they have to work around.  MME will probably use some water pump bolts and as many block bolt holes as possible to fabricate the brackets and such for the crankshaft girdle.

Just for fun.  Kent sent to the USA from Sverige an EN Krona coin (1-Krona).  This has the face of King Karl XVI Gustaf King of Sweden.

Now my Swedish King ERE-383 has The King Karl to ride along with Kent into the nines. 2007, Ellwein Engines 2007, , email Karl Ellwein