ERE 383 #3 2008-2009

The motor served well in The Black Wolf, (10's all natural).
Now it's getting pulled and sold to a new owner.  It will get a set of Dart LT1 heads and Ai Camshaft

ERE383 #3 served in my green Impala SS and in The Black Wolf.  This is a super strong and smooth bottom end.

Now with unported Dart heads and mild-streetable-emissions worthy cam by Ai>
Tuned by Tad

This is the view immediately after pulling the intake manifold.  A little bit dirty in the intake runners but generally very clean considering..

Notice how the Chapman ported TFS LT1 heads do not match the LT4 intake manifold gaskets.  I'm always running mismatched parts it seems.

The Jesel rockers are going on the new Dart heads.  These TFS heads are staying with me.

This is an all business valve train.  Thick wide valve springs, mechanical roller lifters, Jesel shaft rockers.. 

The shaft rockers and pushrods hopefully will fit the motor with the Dart heads installed.

Almost ready to pull the heads.

One head off.

And the right head off.  Pistons are pretty clean.  Ring seal was super just prior to pulling the motor.  I'm a big believer in not re-ringing/re-hoing if there is no reason to.  This short block will be given a good visual inspection and maybe new  bearings but nothing more...oh also a new Ai camshaft for hydraulic lifters.

Now to the bottom end.  The oil pan off and the bottom looks nice at first glance.

No metal parts, no chipped or cracked pistons...all looks good.

Another view after just pulling the oil pan..

Notice the Milodon main caps are using bolts and not studs, (except at the windage tray location).

New main bearings installed, (Mahle stock style at #1, Clevite H at 2, 3, 4 and re-used Federal Mogul stock style at the thrust because it was in perfect shape)

Thrust is .008" before torque of rear main cap.

Thrust is .008" after torque of rear main cap.

This is #1 piston looks like and all the others are in pretty good shape after years of service.  The rods are all getting super expensive Federal Mogul "H" style coated bearings, (because that's all I have on the shelf  for a .010" under size).

The Dart heads new in box.

More photos of the Darts.

One Dart head on the motor just to pose for the photos.

Un-ported but with lots of potential. The valve springs are Comp 987

And another view.

The Ohio Crank crankshaft was purchased as a blemish and the blem was that it has .010" under rod journals, (and standard mains).  It's a very good quality crank otherwise.  So the only 10 under bearings I had were these premium coated Speed Pro's, (Federal Mogul).  These cost about $100 bucks for the set.  Nice.

The timing chain is a bit loose but it degreed well, (106 ICL right on the cam card spec.)

Piston is .006" in the hole and that means I can use a GM .029" Impala head gasket..

The pistons cleaned up real nice.

rod bolts torqued to 70ft-lb for .005" stretch.

Back in 2005 I took a grinder to this rod bolt for extra clearance.

Oil pump on. I tightened up the oil pump relief spring by giving it's set screw 3 full turns clockwise

A view of the dipstick

This makes it tricky to read the oil level but just knowing that it scrapes along the main cap when removing the stick will help you interpret the oil level on the stick. 

rod bolts "not" hitting the windage ary

Another view

Using GM Impala SS head gaskets

Gasket on.

Nice box-stock heads

You might have to shorten your water steam-line banjo fitting to fit in there. 

That's the hole and you can see water jacket just inside the hole's opening

Darts bolted to block:
  I'm using the head studs from ERE3 .

New GMPP hydraulic lifter kit.

Nice pose.

Now I hope I have the right size pushrod.

The rocker tip is set on the valve tip

Right now I'm using 7.15" pushrods because that's all I have.  They are just a bit too long.

I stripped the shaft stand bolt hole threads in one of the cylinder heads probably by using too short of a bolt. (Jesels come with a short and long version of the shaft stand bolt).  Took the head to the machine shop and had heli-coil inserts installed. (2 day delay). 

Now the stand is installed after the head repair and I also have 7.050" long pushrods from CV products, (via Ai).  The are very sturdy and stiff pushrods.

One pair of Jesel rockers are on and the adjuster nut turns 1.5 turns until zero lash and then I turn it another .5 turn, (2.0 turns total from fully backed out).

All lifters in, (new GMPP hydraulic lifter kit).  All rocker pairs on and adjusted.

A final look at the bottom end.

Oil pan on.  Remember this is a "used" motor so the pan has seen better days cosmetically.

another view.

And another view.

Here is the Impala SS sized hub from ATI.  The original ERE#3 had an Fbody hub and that is shorter than the Bbody hub.

This shows the steel drive shaft that is used with the Titan gerotor oil pump.

Again...notice that these valve covers are quite used.  There are bumps, (dents), in the passenger side cover from when I had a rocker come loose.

Here is a better photo of the 2 dents.

Oil test:


Oil to every lifter-pushrod-rocker.

Oil pump drive gear bolt torqued to 22ft-lb and I'm using a cut-in-half pushrod guide as a washer.

The LT4 valve cover studs need to be shortened because the Dart heads are tapped shallow at the valve cover bolt holes.

I replaced the dented valve cover with another set I had that is dent free.  They are a bit more "used" looking but they are not dented.

Here is the motor drained of oil and ready for shipping.

Another pose. 2009, Ellwein Engines 2009, , email Karl Ellwein