ESE 357 #44 for Lance Bachman
Stock LT1 crankshaft, SCAT rods, Mahle 4.040" pistons

The core arrived from Nabil Guffey's shop.

Ripped it apart and saved a few nuts and bolts.

Advanced Automotive Machine will clean, bore, hone and deck it.

All parts have arrived.  Assembly begins.  Here is a cam bearing after installation.

Now on to main bearing clearance. Crank is stock and was balanced by Advanced Automotive Machine in Waldorf MD.  (1691g).

Rear main cap bearing clearance at .0022" with .001" under Clevite P

The rest of the mains are a mix of standard and .001" under

Thrust is .006"

Top ring at .024" for mild nitrous

2nd ring at .020"

All rods were checked for bearing clearance.

Rod bolt stretch at .004"

All clearance at .0025" with standard size Clevite HN bearings.

Rod side clearance is .018".  

New camshaft bolts

Something doesn't feel right.

A tooth missing in the water pump gear.  I have a few LT4 extreme in my drawer but I'm not sure if they are compatible with stock.  ??

Lifters from Lance's other motor that is now in Nabil Guffey's shop.  These look like LS7 to my eye.  Slightly different pushrod seat and shape at the side oil hole.

We agreed on going to an LT4 extreme timing set.

The water pump drive gear is included in the LT4 extreme set.

Degree of camshaft gives 109 deg intake centerline.  Exactly as the cam card!

Old core rear main seal housing cleaned up prior to installation.

.026" Mr. Gasket head gasket.

Nice looking LE heads

good quality valve springs.

3/8" diameter pushrods fit nicely.

The pushrods are from CV products

Hydraulic lifter pre-load is set at 3/4 turn.

experimenting with paint.  The block will be black.

More photos of the bottom end prior to installing oil pump and oil pan.

I had some delays testing the oil system.  The Melling 10552 oil pump felt like it was binding.  I will return it.

New oil pump in and oil system tested sat.

Motor ready for delivery to Nabil Guffey's EFI Performance

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