ERE-383 #48 Rebuild for
Brian DeLuca's GMHT Performance Feature
'97 T/A Tuned to 700+ RWHP 

Tear-down shows a clean intake manifold

Brian has great success with the EFI Connection 24x system.

This is a blower motor so Brian used Cometic MLS head gaskets.  He coated them with copper spray which did not seem to hurt a thing.

We are looking for evidence of oil consumption.  The motor ran great and made good power but used oil.

This is a very well made motor.  Good design.  Good machining.  Good assembly.

1st rod removed.  The Callies crankshaft looks brand new.

Eagle splayed main caps in the 3 center positions.

All rods and pistons are in very good shape.

Just a note about the cam pin.  When installing the EFI connection cam sensor, it needs to be shortened a bit.

I had the same timing chain rub marks on a recent customer's motor.

Could not get 2 of 3 cam bolts off.   I ended up grinding the heads of the bolts off.

This is a photo of the main bearings.  Brian used stock main bearings and they seemed to work quite well.

Right now the conclusion is that this shiny area of the cylinder walls is from fuel wash.

Another photo of rods and rod bearings.

Fuel wash?

Next:  Heads and block go to the machine shop.
Valve springs will be checked and re-used if good.  Heads will be cleaned and receive new valve stem seals.  Block will be honed.  ARP/Milodon studs will be added to mains and align hone if needed. 

Callies crank rod journals at 2.0990" and Mains at 2.4480"

Clearance at .003" using standard size Clevite H

.0027"/.0028"/.0025"/.0028"/.0030" (1,2,3,4,5)

Photo verification that the oil galley plug is installed.

I widened the oil hole in the block slightly to align with the Clevite H bearing.

CMD #3 lube on cam lobes.

Crank installed and thrust at .008"

Bores thoroughly cleaned.

All pistons checked to be .006" piston to bore clearance.

The block was honed to Total Seals spec.

Ring filing.  This is my 4.035" piston used as squaring tool.

Top ring at .030", 2nd ring at .025"

Total seal gapless top ring set.

I gapped the "gapless" rings too to .030"

Rod bearing clearance check.  Rod bolt at .005" stretch. 

Standard size Clevite HN bearings, (.0022")

#1 piston in the hole.

I made sure to clean the pistons, especially in the ring groves.

Also re-greased the rod bolts.

All 8 pistons installed.

Torquing rod bolts, (75ft-lb)(.005")

Rod side clearance is .020"

Fitting up a stock windage tray.

I bent the sides of the windage tray in order for the oil pan to clear.

Milodon 10552 high pressure oil pump.  The pickup had to be slightly messaged to fit in the Moroso oil pan.  

Piston is 0.000" in/out of the hole.

Cam degree check.  ICL at 109deg right on with the cam card.

I was able to ditch the EFI connection cam bolts and use stock cam bolts.

I have a head bolt thread cleaning tool and put it to good use.

Head studs cleaned with soap and water.

Cometic says not to use copper spray but....

....the Jeg's Engine Master Lennart Bergqvist uses this technique.
I sprayed in-between all three layers.

My method to seal the head studs is to use Right Stuff RTV

Heads on and torqued.

These are very good looking valve springs.  I took a photo just for my enjoyment.

Swapping over to 7/16" rocker studs from 3/8"

These are non self aligning rockers.  We are using Isky adjustable pushrod guide plates.

Here is a good view of the ISKY guide plates.

It may not look like it but the rocker tips are well centered.

One last view of the bottom end.

RTV on the oil pan gasket at just the front and rear ends.

Old crank seal hanging and new in the box.

Oil pan on.

Photo of the nifty Callies crank stud.

Oil pressure check.  All good.

Last view of the intake valley.

Intake manifold on and posing for photos.

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