Signature ERE-399 Motor Installation

cleaned a painted a few things like the motor mounts and brackets and test fitted the Yank torque converter then torqued on the SFI rated flexplate and hoisted the motor over the motor mounts.

Everything seems to clear.  The tranny cooler lines will need to be gently bent to clear the headers.

Steering centerlink is close to the oil pan but not touching.  Flexplate to torque converter clearance is between 3/32" and 3/16" just as Yank requires. 

Passenger side header slid in very easily from the top.

Cleaned all fittings from the oil manifold and transferred them to the new one.  This manifold is powder coated by Bob Noble and ported by Advanced Induction.  The EGR block off plate is a nice piece of stainless steel.

Prep of the block, Clean, RTV, gasket...

Manifold on and bolts torqued to 30ft-lb.


Gasket install and stud/bolt torque of headers

Installing 32lb/hr fuel injectors.  These are flow matched.

Photo after wire harness hookup.

Photo after removing plastic cover on chrome valve covers.

TPIS 58mm Throttle body

This is how I was trying to protect the headers during installation..(the original shipping bags have been ripped up from previous use).