ERE383 #3
Callies Dragonslayer Crankshaft, Callies/Compstar H-beam rods, JE Turbo Pistons

Compstar rod and Total Seal top ring, (gapless).

weighing all of the rotating and reciprocating parts.

Crank to be balanced on these measurements...

Rod bolt torque and stretch spec.

Assembly of pistons to rods.

Rod bearing clearance check, Clevite HN series bearing installed and bolt stretched to .005"

Crank mic'ed and measured .0023" to .0025" rod bearing clearance.

Main journal of Callies Dragonslayer crankshaft mic'ed, (2.448")

JE Turbo piston, 31cc D-dish

Full skirt for stability

Spiro locks installed.

Block arrives from Golen

No damage.  Nice steel main caps and ARP studs.

I get busy and clean and paint with POR-15 and install freeze plugs

Crank thrust is .008"

Rings at .036" top and .032" 2nd ring as per Total Seal

Piston to cylinder wall .004"

Piston is .005" in hole.  The block deck height is 9.005"

Very tricky to file these rings

A photo of the total seal top rings

special galley plugs from GM with tiny oil cooling hole.

Verification that oil gallery plug is installed under rear main.

The front oil galley oil plugs.

rod bolts torqued to .005" stretch and about 75ft-lb

0.018" rod side clearance.

Windage tray messaged out of the way of the rod bolts.

The stock windage tray is vital for keeping air out of the oil.

Export approved crate.  Firmly bolted to pallet.

ATI damper, custom headers, other surprises.

Shipping air freight via UPS

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