Ai/ERE383 #38
CNC ported TFS heads by Ai, custom cam by Ai,
Dave Morgan has [ERE383 #11] transformed into a more radical and powerful street/strip motor
 by adding Ai heads, cam and SRP Pro flat top pistons for 12.0:1 static compression ratio.

Dave had 2 stuck lifters, both the intake and exhaust at piston #7
Here is why they were stuck.

Tear-down and inspection begins.

Other than 2 stuck lifters...the pistons and cylinders look pretty ok.

Oil pan off and somewhat dirty oil but more important there are needle bearings and other chunks of metal at the magnetic drain plug.

I pulled this junk off the magnet.

The timing gear looks ok.

The cam looks like this at #7 intake/exhaust.  I've seen worse where the lobes were worn down and the lifters were not damaged as much.  In this case the lifters are severely damaged and the cam is not so bad.

The oil pump turns freely.

You can see the lifter.

The pistons and piston rings looked ok.  Actually pretty good.  the rod bearings look horrible though.  All have dirt damage.

The main bearings look horrible.  Lots of dirt damage.

The crankshaft spun very freely but certainly it will need to be ground and polished.

Here is the reason for the debris.

The cylinder bores are in pretty good shape in my opinion.

Old piston comes off for balance weight.

Old piston/pin/ring/wire lock combo is 584 grams

New flat top SRP Pro pistons #268830

New piston/pin/ring/lock combo is 544 grams, (40g lighter)

New balance card.

The Oliver billet rods are the best rods money can buy.  There are no rods on earth that are better.

SRP Pro pistons copy all of the good features of Mahle pistons.  Wire locks, short skirts, thin rings, skirt coating, etc.

Ready for installation.

Coated cam bearings.

Ai (advanced induction) custom cam shaft.

Photo for records.

Crank has been turned .010" under on the rods and mains.  Thrust is .0025" clearance 1st measurment.

I fine tuned the bore gauge and micrometer and then found the thrust at .0027"

...and the rest as shown, (.0024, .0020, .0020, .0017")

Photo of the Dragonslayer markings from the machine shop.

Crank is in and it spins freely.

Thrust is .009" 

Good quality piston rings...steel top ring.

gapping for all natural, (.020" top, .022" 2nd ring) Oil rings were checked to be .025" and .015" is the minimum.

Steel top ring

Getting ready to insert into motor.

Rod bearing clearance check.  Oliver rod bolts torqued to .005" stretch.

Clearance is .0025" (perfect).

I used the stock oil plugs with oil squirt holes because the timing set uses a torrington thrust bearing

Set the timing set at zero and found the cam to be 2 deg adv.

Set the sprocket at -2, (even though 2deg on the crank is 4deg on the cam...this sprocket is set where 2=2, 4=4 etc.)

Now the intake centerline and exhaust centerline are exactly as the cam card specifies.

Sturdy bottom end.  Oliver rods and Callies Racemaster crankshaft.

Titan gerotor oil pump.

I always try to keep the stock windage tray no matter what oil pan is used.

Timing cover clearanced for double roller timing set.

Ellwein-Stef's oil pan cleaned up.

Oil pan cleaned up.

This is the 1st set of 21 deg TFS heads that I have seen.  Ai makes them look like a work of art.

These are the best valve springs money can buy....

Now I cleaned and chased the threads in the heads for the head studs.  Installed ARP head studs very carefully by making sure the threads were 100% clean and free of oil/grease and sealing the threads with Right Stuff RTV

Cometic head gasket at 0.040" thick

Ai 21deg TFS head

Beautiful valve springs and retainers/keepers

Right head on and torqued, (80ft-lb with ARP lube)

I thought it was interesting that you can see the timing chain and how close it is to the timing cover...not easy to see in this photo.

Check of piston to valve clearance.

shop FelPro gasket (.039")

Solid roller lifters installed and set to zero lash.

Intake and exhaust were given a chance to cycle open.

Here is the impression.  Lots more clearance than I was expecting

I poked and probed and found clearance at .130/.180" intake/exhaust

Another clearance issue to worry about is cam gear to timing cover.

The oil pan RTV prep. 1st the block

Then the gasket..

Then RTV on the gasket

Then set the pan and don't let residual oil touch it just to be safe...i.e. don't turn the motor right-side-up until tomorrow.

Next day ready to ship.

Waiting for truck

Nice residential service.

Ellwein Engines 2012,, email Karl Ellwein