ERE383 #35 for Stormin' Normin' Pelton
This project is all in the heads, (the Ai CNC LT4 heads).  I'm putting Norm's Ai heads and sweet mechanical roller camshaft into a splayed cap block that has been sitting around the shop for 6 years.
The block has a little bit of filler, (up to the knock sensor hole).  It is one of the 1st blocks I attempted to clearance for stroke and I went into the water jacket.  Originally this block had a cheap 383 rotating assembly and I was curious to see if water temperature would be higher due to the filler.  Water temp stayed the same but interestingly oil temp was about 10 deg higher, (which is a good thing actually).  So since then I had the block honed and it's been sitting around the shop and I use it to test fit Stef's oil pans.  Now it is going in a mostly race Impala clone and the Ai heads and cam are going to make this motor sing!.   

Brinkley Auto Machine installed the Eagle splayed main caps many, many moons ago.

I had a SCAT 383 crank installed and I would put Stef's oil pans on this block and see where the crankshaft interfered.  Norm was in the market for a new short block and I made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Piston and rod layout and ring filing to follow.

Rings filed for all natural with some nitrous.

So as not to mix up my parts....

Good ol' Mahle piston.  Very light but still strong enough for mild nitrous.

Howard's Cams crankshaft, (Tracksmart brand).

One piston in.

I love the ring package that comes with the Mahle piston.  Now JE/SRP are following Mahle and they offer 1.5mm (even 1.2mm) rings.

Rotating assembly in.  I had to buff the side of #7 rod because side clearance was .010" where as the rest of the rod pairs were .016 to .018"

The Ai camshaft.  This sucker will run best if Norm can run an aftermarket PCM.  The camshaft is built to run well past 7000 rpm.

Melling 10552 oil pump.  Stock windage tray.


Typical spot where rod-bolts hit the bottom of the oil pan.  I took a gentle hammer to that area of the pan.

Camshaft degree-check.

I resurrected my mechanical roller valve train parts.  This is a T&D machine shaft rocker system.

Ai heads prior to bolting onto the block.

T&D shaft rocker stand.  

Studs are used for the rocker pairs, (not bolts).

Xceldyne titanium and "cup" quality valve springs.

Please excuse my paper towel fuz.

T&D rockers have oiling that goes directly to the rocker tip and valve spring.

I have the cold lash set at .015" for now but hot lash should be .022" intake and .024" exhaust.

A view of the stock dip stick tube that has to bend around the main cap.

Another view.

EFI Connection billet timing cover has arrived.

This is the version that allows for double roller timing set and can still fit the 24x reluctor.  It was ordered with no hole for the water pump drive.

Ready for Norm's truck.

Removed old rear main seal not shown. :)

Go Stormin' Normin.

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