Ai-ERE383 #23

Blower piston 383 with Ai CNC TFS heads and custom cam.


The Bottom-End: Callies Compstar 3.75" stroke (383) crankshaft and Callies billet splayed main caps.  Ross custom pistons designed by McKeown Motorsports Engineering for big boost blower cars.

The Top-End: Ai (Advanced Induction) CNC TFS 215cc heads with Jesel rockers and Ai 3/8" pushrods.

Painted block with POR15 engine black.

Tapped the oil galleries then washed the block.

Threaded plugs installed and Ai custom cam installed.

File fit Total Seal (Advanced Profile) rings.  These are not "gapless"

Dial-Bore gauge posing for photo.

Mains ended up at .025/.025/.025/.030/.035"

Measuring crankshaft endplay and setting #5 thrust cap.

Cloyes double roller timing set at "zero"

Rod bearing clearance worked out to be 0.0025".  This motor and most ERE-383 motors use Clevite H-series main and rod bearings.  

Getting ready to assemble rod to piston and install rings.  This piston is black because it's hard anodized.

A view of the ring package.  Notice how far away the top ring is from the heat of combustion.

The oil ring package is 3mm and "high tension" (15lb)

Good shot of the -26.5cc D-dish, (inverted dome).

Into the block.

Degree check of the Ai cam.  Finding TDC.

I ended up with the crank sprocket at -4 deg. retarded to get exact "straight up".

Clearance for the timing set.

Basic Shortblock

Another shortblock pose.

I love these pistons.

This is the stock windage tray and I trim with tin snips.

Melling M99HVS oil pump with welded pickup.

See how the dipstick tube is gently bent past the main cap.

The front (bottom) of the oil pan is hammered out to make room for the #1 and #2 rods.

Ai heads.  To give 64cc combustion chambers these were not decked.

Ai head on with ARP 12pt head bolts.

I messed up.  Knowing that the customer wanted to use his GMPP self aligning rockers, I forgot to mention that to Ai.  They could have set up the heads to give enough valve tip room for these rockers.   My mistake.

Jesel rockers in place of GMPP.  Thick and sturdy pushrods.

Long block pose. (using customer's hydraulic lifters)

Another long block pose.

Final oil system test and engine pre-lube.  All rockers have oil from takes quite a while to get the oil flowing and the lifters to pump-up.  This pump makes 60psi at the drill 2500rpm.  It should make 70psi at WOT in the car.

Getting ready to ship. 2008, Ellwein Engines 2008, , email Karl Ellwein