ERE-383 #18 Short Block for forced induction. Ai custom cam, ATI damper hub with 2nd keyway machined, owner supplied rockers, Owner supplied GM LT1 heads

This short block is going to be built to handle forced induction.  A blower short block is basically the same as all of my Race ERE-383 motors accept for the upgraded Ross custom piston.  This build will have a Compstar crankshaft and 5.850" Compstar rods.

I start the project by weighing everything to call-in to the balance shop.  In this case it will be Callies in Ohio.  They ran out of Compstar crankshafts until around April so I'll send one of my shelf stock crankshafts to them to be worked over.

This is just a pose for photo.  This rotating assembly is quite heavy due to the heavy duty piston.  The bobweight will be 1850 grams.

Rods all weighed.

Front oil galleys get tapped for thread-in plugs, (prior to cleaning of block).

This is how I receive the blocks from Golen.  The are fully Machined and finished.

I supply the Callies main caps and ARP studs to Golen and they machine to fit and align hone.

Gapping the Total Seal brand piston rings.  These are custom and cost me a lot of money so I should probably keep the part numbers mum.  I'm gapping the top ring at .020"

Making sure the filing gives a "square" butt up when closed.  (and no burrs).

My hi-tech ring squaring tool.

This is about where the top ring would be at top dead center.  Very far down from the heat of combustion.

at .020"

Storing the gapped rings in order in a box.  I still need to do a final wash of the block before assembly.

The pistons are Left-Right.  Make sure to install the rods/pistons in correct orientation.

A good looking piston.  It is quite heavy but only because it's a blower piston.

Another view.

Pistons/rods assembled.  Next:  Clean block, assemble motor.

Checking main bearing clearance.  I do the rear #5 thrust bearing first and work my way forward.

Clearances are .0025 to .003"  
.001"/standard mix is used for #1 and #2 mains.  The rest use standard size.

Crank is in and mains are torqued.

A photo for future reference.  The Compstar cranks have a cast in logo.

Forgot to show you the cam bearing installation.  The bearings are Dura-bond brand, (premium).

A very nice billet core cam from Advanced Induction.

Nice Total Seal conventional rings on the custom ROSS piston.

1, 3, 5, 7 installed.

All piston/rod combos installed.  Rod bolts torqued to 75ft-lb.  Rod bearing clearance measured .0027"

Degree check of the cam.  Intake centerline measured is 109deg and cam card says it should be 110 deg.  I'm using the Cloyes Hex-A-Just because that's what I had left in stock.  Very nice timing set.  A few minor mods are required on the cam pin bushing and the cam sprocket bolts in order to use this timing set.

ARP head studs to be used.  Cleaned and now giving some time for the sealant to cure.

Can you see the Cometic MLS head gasket?

Heads on and torqued to 85ft-lb with oil.

Another shot of the mildly ported heads. 2008, Ellwein Engines 2008, , email Karl Ellwein