Ai/ERE383 #12 Turbo Piston Install

Inspection of ERE383 #12 and installation of JE Turbo Piston #170817

Quick view, no captions.

Starting over with the photos now but with captions.  Some oil just under the front of the intake manifold.  Possibly an RTV leak. 

The interior of the motor is squeaky clean.  Love the frequent oil changes.  The intake runners all have some oil stains and I don't know exactly where that's coming from right now.

Intake runners with the oil stains.

The other side.

Spark plugs look to me like the tune up was very very good.

Just another view.

Prior to removing the valve train.

The valve tips do not show any witness marks. No wear at all?

Everything is organized nicely in my valve-train organizer tray.

The oil pump drive gear and the cam gear had only slight wear. (normal).

The cam lobes all look normal with slight wear.

No oil gunk on the chambers.  No signs of oil ring blow by.

A view of all the piston tops.  This all looks a bit cleaner than most motors I've seen.

The other bank.

One rod bearing out of 8 had some dirt stains.  This is #1 but the photo does not show it very well.

All the rod bearings look quite nice, (except #1)

Piston skirt rocking in the bore makes that mark on the cylinder wall.

Photo sort of out of order but here is the bottom end right after taking off the oil pan.

Crank out and main bearing are all like new except the thrust.

The thrust bearing has one dirt line from debris.
The crank is at the balance shop waiting for balance, (needs heavy metal probably).  The block is going to get a plateau hone to be ready for the new pistons.  

Finally the balance is completed.  I delayed for quite a while too due to wedding plans and all that jazz.  So here are the new pistons on the oid Compstar rods.

Another view.

Sorry there are not more photos...I started the day with no batteries for the camera...I did not want to delay so I put the crank in and did the ring gap..then went to the store.

Speed Pro Hell-Fire.  The top is at .026" and so is the 2nd ring, as per Speed Pro suggestion.  The top ring is very stiff, (hard).  The 2nd ring is quite soft.

Started out with ACL standard H-series bearings and that gave .003" rod bearing clearance.  Then went to Clevite H-series standard and have .0025" clearance.  The Clevites are what I used.

New camera allows me to get macro photos now.  The bore hone.  It is a plateau hone.

Nice photo of the JE piston in the hole.

Not an official deck-height measurment yet but just an eyball.  It is in the hole some .005"

All pistons in except #7.

All pistons in.


More posing.

And more posing.

The bottom end.

Final torque of rod bolts, (75ft-lb), .018" to .020" rod side clearance.

Nice view of the JE pistons

Timing set install, TDC find.

Piston is .002" in the hole.

Cam is dead nuts on at 112deg intake lobe center.

Another view of degree check set up.

Old timing cover on and new seals to be installed.

New Titan Gerotor oil pump.  Stud nut at 65ft-lb with moly.

Fitting of windage tray.

Rod clearance check.

Have to bend the tray for the Stef's pan.

Dipstick tube bends a little around the main cap nut.

Pan does not fit.

Mistake in manufacture.

Another pan off the shelf and it does fit.

Trial fitting prior to oil pan gasket.  Crank clearance check.

Some spots on the oil pan need to be ground for crank clearance.

Fit-check looks good.

One of the last motors to be assembled in my shop/kitchen.  Will be married soon and my shop will become a home.  Engine building will be outside on the porch or new garage.

New ARP 12pt head bolts.  Super clean and with ARP thread sealant.

FelPro head gasket on and a good look at the cylinders and pistons.

One head on and here is a final look at the pistons..

Another view.

Head on and ARP head bolts at 65ft-lb

The Jesel shaft rocker stands will be installed over these .100" shims.

Taking a break here.  The Jesel shaft stand bolts are being soaked in cleaning solution so that I can put sealant on the threads to keep oil from being sucked into the intake runner.

Jesel rocker stands are on and the bolts have ARP thread sealant.

The intake manifold intake runners were cleaned with brakclean so that we can see if oil is getting in the intake in the future.

The manifold looks to sit pretty well on the gasket.  This is just a mock-up to see if I can spot problems.

Another view.

This pan is hard to fit.  I did quite a lot "tweaking" for lack of a better word.

Here I'm just putting RTV on the gasket/block surface and not on the pan/gasket surface so that the pan can be removed.

More views of the oil pan.

Now with 4 quarts of Shell Rotella 30 weight.

The Titan gerotor oil pump is spinning nicely with my drill at 2500rpm.  60psig.

Intake manifold on and motor wrapped and ready for shipping.

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