The Donovan Jeff Green Aluminum LT1

Now working out of a new shop in the basement of my home.

Here is the SCAT crankshaft that arrived with the motor.  The SCAT goes back to the original owner.

Here is the Jeff Green Donovan LT1 and an ERE Iron LT1 in the background

The motor arrived set up for dry sump.  We are going to go back to wet sump.  Here I'm fitting a Stef's oil pan.

The rear main caps interfere.

There is no interference at the front.

The old dry sump oil pan also had clearance issues.

Test fit of a Titan gerotor oil pump.

Sonny Bryant crankshaft arrived.

4.000" stroke, (the crank has large SBC400 main journal sizes)

The head stud kit is standard 7/16"

Some of the bores are out of round and with a great amount of taper.

The cylinders will need to be bored and honed.
I have a rough mesurment of 4.165" bore.  The crankshaft is 4.000" stroke and using a spare 6" rod with 1.125" compression height piston as a gauge I get 9.125" block deck height

Just a quick photo of the SCAT crank storage rust.

A few photos of the SCAT crank just prior to removal.

This Donovan 400 block has SBC 400 mains and so the previous owner used inserts under the main bearings to fit a SBC SCAT crankshaft with 350 mains.

SCAT crank is now in a Callies box and will be shipped to the original owner.

Here is the Sonny Bryant 4.000" stroke crankshaft.

Scenes from delivery day:

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