Ai/ERE-383 LT1 Long Block Specifications
(Now with Callies Dragonslayer crankshaft and Compstar rods)

$5000 deposit required to start project, $3500 more due near end of project to acquire heads, remainder due upon delivery

The Ai/ERE-383 mixes a Race ERE-383 with one of the best heads/cam/valve-train packages available for the LT1.  Advanced Induction Cylinder Head Development is considered by many to be one of the top cylinder head porting companies.  Ai puts to good use a large array of state-of-the-art machining technology along with careful component selection to help produce very successful top end packages.  Here is an ERE-383 short block mated to a premium Ai top end.

Parts detail 
Advanced Induction Trick Flow 200cc heads:
TFS-3042B010 bare A-356-T61 alum LT1.
Severe duty 21-4N stainless Super Flow valves,(2.08I/1.60E), with Hi-Po Teflon seals.
Manley stress relived beehive valve springs with hardened & machined 10 Deg. components.
Hand port & polish intake runners.
CNC port chambers & exhaust runners.
Additional PR clearance machined for 3/8".
CNC F1 quality valve job on Newen machine.
Hand hone valve guides.
Mill deck to insure flatness/finish & desired chamber volume.

THE Valvetrain:
Ai billet steel core custom cam.
Jesel Sportsman shaft rocker system.
Ai hardened chrome moly 3/8" pushrods.
GMPP Hydraulic lifters.

Some motors receive Crower Stainless Steel Shaft rockers as a promotional upgrade.  (active military are eligible for this).


SRP Pro or Mahle Forged flat top or -16cc D-dish depending upon application Pistons  

JE, Total Seal or Mahle file fit rings

Compstar H-beam rods, (by Callies)

Callies Dragonslayer™ 4340 Forged Crankshaft, USA made 

Clevite Main and Rod bearings

Howards 4-bolt splayed Main Caps @ 2/3/4

Mix of ARP/Milodon main studs

Melling 10552 oil pump with new stock oil pan.

New GM rear main seal housing

Reconditioned stock GM timing cover

Dura-Bond™ Cam Bearings

Brass freeze plugs

Oil galley plugs

New stock GM/Cloyes LT1 timing set or Cloyes double roller per customer choice

New GM oil pump drive

Machine work:
Machine and fit splayed caps
Clearance block for stroke
Align hone mains
Bore & torque plate hone cylinders
Deck block to 9.005"
Engine paint to your color


ATI SuperDamper - $380

Stef's oil pan - $400

Dyno testing - $800

Titan gerotor oil pump - $400

Truck shipping of engine - $300 to $400

Piston upgrade to custom Diamond - call -

Rotating assembly upgrade to Callies Magnum - call -

GMPP (ProForm) medium tall valve covers - $135

Spacer system for accessory bracket to allow easy valve cover installation - call -


SRP Pro Piston

SRP Pro Pistons (shown with Oliver Billet rods)

Compstar rod

Crower stainless shaft rockers, (upgrade).

Mahle Piston

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